The Falcon Heavy Launch and the Future of SpaceX

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On Tuesday of this week, we all sat mesmerized by the Falcon Heavy launch - many saying it even rivaled the Apollo 11 launch in 1969. For those of us who couldn't be there, this was a hell of a show.

But what happens next? What are Spacex's plans for the Falcon Heavy, and what are the plans for their next-generation BFR that's planned to take people to Mars?

Here I break it all down.


@answerswithjoe I was at the launch! - talked to as many people as I could about dtube and the Steem blockchain too. I took an exclusive video for Dtube..It was an incredible sight to see and was thankful to be there..

I hope it will happen sooner , because we are going to build a utopia out there. :)

build a Utopia? Ive heard this too...Would this undertaking involve the people that exist on earth like (architechs, civil engineers, planning boards, town councils, construction workers, etc) ?
If so, why would this be any different? We need to get ourselves right in the head before we run out with our pants not fully pulled up.............I'm not hating or trying to be MC Dreemkrusha but I just dont think we're ready......peece man

Attention @answerswithjoe

They planned to send people to march but I think it is not possible because there are many problems for the living.

I watched it love on youtube and man it was bloody awesome those to fuel cells that came back in and landed the way they did was the best thing I have seen in a long time... go starwars...

Wait, do you guys actually think theres a car in space?

Was just thinking the same thing.

lol there is

Truly incredible videos. Love Elon's vision, such an inspiration.

Really!! huge inspiration for all of humankind!

Have you invested in any of Elon's companies? What brought you to Steemit?

Hi, I found some acronyms/abbreviations in this post. This is how they expand:

BFRBig Falcon Rocket (2017 enshrinkened edition),Yes, the F stands for something else; no, you're not the first to notice

HAHAHAHH Is this a joke? you guys actually believe this shit ?!?!?!?1

thank you for the trust of all investors, who have worked hard to stabilize again, of course boss also require subordinates, and subordinates also also need top so that the wheel of life can spin

Great to see @answerswithjoe using Steemit. I think he's one of the first of a big wave of youtubers starting to look at better alternatives for regular income.
I've watched all your recent videos and I'm so hyped for the next few years in both Science, Technology and Space discovery. Keep it up!

very good your publication, answer some questions I had ...

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Nice vid.. Upvoted n followed..
Thanks so much grow up a friendship...

Best lauch system in the world and least expensive! This is great. Really great.
I'm positive that improved designs will curb those exesses you mentioned!


Excelente publicación, sin duda.

We will not go to the march.

if we have this beautiful planet , why are we searching for another. we cannot maintain the environment of this planet ,what we are gonna do with the other.
talk something about pollution that is increasing day by day.
nice post.

You Are Great @answerswithjoe
Thanks For Sharing....

I believe Mars is the new earth

2x the payload at 1/3 the price. Nice.

Maybe Drumpf should drop some tariffs on them. /snark

Car of the moon
Good job
I like

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I am very interested in this paper.

I was mind blown by the Falcon Heavy launch too @answerswithjoe every time I have met and worked with Elon Musk will always be fond memories. I have followed Tesla and Spacex for a long time and have been waiting for this a long long time. It has just made my anticipation for BFR even more hard to deal with. Need it yesterday!! 🔥🚀

Thanks for the post. Have followed and look forward to more. I will be posting about space, innovations, cryptos, Veganism and eco living if you feel like following me back. 👍🏻💚🌻🌱🍃

Cool! Thanks!

Most welcome. Look forward to your future posts. Speak soon mate 👍🏼

Truly incredible videos. Love Elon's vision, such an inspiration. @answerswithjoe

nice post @answerswihjoe . i like your The Falcon Heavy Launch and the Future of SpaceX post. thanks for share the post.

You bet! Thanks!

Lovely post. Thanks you so much friends

One of the most important destinations of man is to research. It is in our nature, so yes, go for it Elon!

you should go on live then all other people will see it

That was the coolest thing I have seen in my lifetime. Synchronized landing of the boosters? Just absolutely blown away right now. @answerswithjoe

Pretty amazing. :)

As terrible as this movie was 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' this is where to next with SpaceX.

Landed to the booster is amazing.

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Great video! I didn't plan to watch it at first but then after a while I noticed that I had already watched the whole video :D

Why did SpaceX edit the livestream without telling anyone? Various scene changes were made after the livestream went public on youtube, I think it was within the first 24hrs. The disturbing part is they didn't say anything about it and that the youtube stats didn't change at all. I posted about it here

Thanks for sharing unknown information.

I hopefully it will happen soone

awesome video it is incredible sight to see we thankful to be there.

i like your writing. do not forget to follow me @hazrami. thank you

That's just a dream but relly good to be real.,😂

have got a rough idea about the next gen bfr ater reading this post ...good work

Good show, I didn't see all but what I saw was documented and fun. I also wrote something about SpaceX that was noticed and I wrote more about orbital maneuvers. Tried to keep it simple and spread the science!

Like Elon said: It looks so fake, but it's real! It's an amazing feeling to witness history, and I can't wait for next cosmic journey!

I think I'll take off the first part of next week once I purchase a Space X rocket off Craigslist. Got 2 spots open if anyone wants to join...

I heard that the roadster isn't headed for the asteroid belt any more!!! is this true!!?!?! If it is does anyone know its trajectory??

Good job @answerswithjoe
Always success 👍👍

I believe we will live to check out this poat for more awesome Falcon heavy posts:

SpaceX is such a remarkable company. They are creating a solid foundation for next gen space entrepreneurs.

I thought the same thing, are we closer to crossing the borders? Enter my post and tell me if you like it.