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RE: Possible Tipping Points in the Earth's Climate

in #science3 years ago

I don't know how many people have read this article...but not enough. You make such a solid case. You explain so clearly how we are on the brink of climate catastrophe. And we blithely move forward.
I do see a sense of urgency in young people. They seem aware that older generations have stolen their future through foolish, selfish policies.
Will these young people seize the reins of power in time to reverse the damage?
I won't be around to see this (that's pretty certain), but my granddaughter will. I can only hope....
Thanks for your persistence in covering this issue. I'm Tweeting it out.


guys and girls.. lets resteem it!!
@agmoore.. you are completely right!

@samve is a treasure on climate. I will retweet this tomorrow. So far, 28 "impressions", in 19 minutes-- whatever that means.


and art to boot !

on your twitter post? great!
Lets make the EARTH great again! ;-)

Thank you for the feedback! The people from previous centuries could still be excused for lacking the knowledge, but nowadays when information is so well spread, it almost feels like a crime to be ignorant to it. I'm also curious about what the future will bring. I'm pretty sure that humanity and many societies will be able to adapt, but I'm mainly curious about what future society we will shape.

You keep plugging, and we'll keep sharing your great posts. Every voice matters. And you explain the issue so clearly. Doesn't sound like preaching, but it does convey a sense of urgency.
Retweeted my tweet from yesterday a few minutes ago... so far, 113 "impressions". Whatever that means. Tomorrow I'll reblog this post on my Steemit feed.
I really appreciate the commitment and knowledge you bring to this subject.