Man is not descended from monkeys! The biggest misunderstandings of evolution #1

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Man is descended from the monkey: Myths like these are still persistent. Although the theory of evolution is 150 years old, there are still many errors.

Humans and monkeys share a common ancestor.
The Christian church does not contradict the theory of evolution.
Evolution does not lead to the continuous improvement of living beings.

1 - The theory of evolution is not a theory
The fact that scientists talk about evolution as a theory does not limit its truthfulness. The theory of evolution is as firmly established a part of science as the theory of gravity - and nobody would claim that it is just a theory.

The misunderstanding here is the word "theory". While we mean colloquially an unproven hypothesis, science understands it as the highest form of explanation of a phenomenon. A scientific theory can still theoretically be refuted, but that is highly unlikely.

2 - We do not descend from the monkey
The chimpanzees and orang-utans in the zoo are our closest relatives in nature, but not our ancestors, but more distant cousins. Although we share over 90 percent of genes with the great apes, this is because we share a common starting point in the evolutionary chain.

Fossil finds in Africa in recent years have reinforced the long-established thesis that monkeys and humans, on the other hand, originated around seven million years ago from the same ancestor. In the absence of a better name, it is simply called "Last Common Ancestor" or LCA for short.

3 - Religion does not contradict evolution
Charles Darwin must be to blame for this myth himself. His fundamental book on evolution is entitled "On the Origin of Species" and thus suggests the suspicion that evolution would enter into direct competition with the Christian theory of creation.

That's not true. The theory of evolution does not make any statements about how life was created on earth. It can only explain how existing life on earth has developed.

Pope: Evolution needs creation
So while it is unlikely with the theory of evolution that a God created man directly, there could well be a supernatural being who created "life" as a concept on Earth.

And if you don't believe these words: Pope Francis I himself publicly proclaimed two years ago that evolution was not at odds with the Bible. "The evolution of nature is not inconsistent with the perception of creation, for evolution needs the creation of living beings that can develop.

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Sadly, that is only one of the common misconceptions about evolution. The other big one is that "Theory" means there is no evidence, when in fact it means just the opposite.

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Right, thats it. A theory is a theory and not proofed stuff!

Have you seen this video? It goes along with what you are saying and shows all the darwin stuff to be complete bs :)


i didnt watch it before @fitinfun, thank you for that.

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