#Hashtag Challenge 2: Easy And Fun Challenge

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Ready to have some fun and get to know each other bettter? Join our new hashtag challenge and take some time off.


The Hashtag-Challenge

Think of the hashtag as the premise/topic. It is a call to action, and a challenge to add your creative idea to that hashtag. (...) The beauty of the premise and the tag is that you can interpret it however you wish.

This will be our second hashtag challenge.

The rules are simple:

  • We'll provide you with a certain hashtag.

  • It's up to you to leave a (funny) comment with a message that is related to the provided hashtag.

  • Images are allowed, but text is obligatory.

  • Go through the other comments (no duplicates allowed) and reward the best ones with an upvote (optional but recommended).

  • You can enter multiple times, but make sure you create a new comment for every single one of your answers.

Due to circumstances there will be only one @steembasicincome share sponsored for the person with the funniest answer.

IMPORTANT: an upvote or a resteem would be appreciated, since those help us to get the word out about our contests, get more contestants, and eventually allow us to give away prizes again.


Let's Do This

Your given hashtah:


You are free to choose who you want to describe. The name of the Steemian you describe doesn't have to be one of the four words, but of course we would like you to let us know who you are describing.

An example comment:
@davemccoy: 'Always There To Help'

It is time to let those creative juices flow. Be unique, be funny and walk away with the prize and ETERNAL FAME!!!


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@ifc : Magic maker dream chaser


wow, that is a very nice thing to say! Good job there @headchange!


Thanks it really is one of the most unique challenges I have encountered here.

#DescribeAnySteemianInFourWords @clove71

"That crazy #SteemMonsters lady" 😆

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   |  Steempunk.net:Site   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘


lol... funny @trisquelwhare!!! :)

Asher: "Playing the numbers game"


you're good @bashadow! I know you like these challenges and kick some butt on them too!

@paulag: "Feeding the redfish hope"



@charisma777: "working behind the scenes"


Yes... and its @charisma777 I believe ;) ... And you reminded me, I have a project that she might want to help with! :D


Damn, glad you came by, I can not believe I left off the lucky 7's. Edit coming up.


Thank you @davemccoy going through everything I've missed I'll get with you on discord☺


It's so true!!! Although lately I've taken some ME time it's about time for me to see what steemit has going on!!


We all need breaks every now and then. End of summer, or summer winding down, fall on the rise. Now all we need is a good solid price rise.

@lynncoyle1: "Spreading the word: Love"


awww @bashadow!! If I wasn't so damn tired and achy right now, I'm come up with one for you :) Thank you ;)


you need to rest... I'm sure you can come up with something in the next 5 days when you have recouperated! :)


You mean our Queen, "Lovable Lynn"??? Very good one :D


Yes, I do enjoy these sometime easy, sometimes not so easy little challenges, though they do require some thought.

@melinda010100: "Playing in the shadows"

The Superhero of Steemians


who is the superhero izaid? @simplymike??? :P

@bashadow- Innovation's his middle name!


Tricky, but yeah, adaptable.