Why I Don't Like School

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In my first Steemit post, I said "I don't like school" and many people asked why I don't enjoy it.

First of all, I worded the first post wrong. I don't hate everything about school, just certain parts of it, and I'm going to explain why I don't like it so much. Ok, we are gonna start of with the teachers at my school... I have some AMAZING teachers that I wish could teach me forever, but not all of them are like that. I have 10 different teachers and only 3 of them I really like. I know why the teachers that I don't like don't exactly like me. I like to talk, a LOT, and they don't exactly enjoy that... Me and my friends all sit by each other in most classes because of the last names or because we can choose our seats. We end up getting side tracked and talking about stuff that has nothing to do about what were learning. Another thing that I have noticed about my teachers is that the mean ones don't love kids. Why be a teacher if you don't like kids?!

Next, we're gonna talk about the classes I have to take to pass... I understand why they teach you certain classes like Math, Cooking and English, but stuff like what the prime minister was in 1805 and how many molecules make up a frog is only helpful if your playing Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. But same with the teachers, there are some good classes. I personally love Wood Works and Phys-Ed. I love carving wood and making cool things and I especially love playing sports!

I love most sports but like everyone, I have my favorites. The sports I love the most are definitely football and soccer! I tried out for the schools football team but I got cut.

Now to end off this post, I'm gonna talk about what I hate most about school... That would be the fact that it is SOOOOO boring! The teachers will explain stuff to you for the whole class and do it over and over again class after class until they think its stuck in your brain for good. My math teacher tells the whole class how to find the square root of a triangle every class for a week, and he will spend all our time doing that. I find the higher grade you go into, the more boring and less fun each subject gets.

Its not like I don't like learning because I do, just teachers have to limit the amount of stuff your never gonna use in the real world and maybe make a period a bit fun once and a while.

Thanks for reading my blog, comment what you thought of it, it helps me see what I can do to make them better!

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I 100% agree with you! And it sucks because you have to keep taking classes you won't really use later on in life in college too. But keep working on your football game! I play soccer so I lean a little that way haha, but just keep working towards your goals! Keep up the great post.

Thanks, I will take your advice

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Its not like I don't like learning because I do, just teachers have to limit the amount of stuff your never gonna use in the real world and maybe make a period a bit fun once and a while.

This is a very useful feedback for schools and teachers. First of all, they are in a wrong profession if they don't love kids. Second of all, most of things we learn in school are useless so we need to find a way to make school productive and interesting for children. Sadly, before we successfully revolutionise the school system we have to make do with have we have. Hang in there mate, you'll graduate faster that you know!

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