Keep on learning... starting evening school

in school •  2 months ago

As you may know (or not) I got made redundant through reorganisation at my old employer roughly 2 months ago now.

But one of the good things about that was that part of my redundancy package was money for further education. So I was allowed to choose which course I wanted to go to and they would pay for it.


So tonight I started with a course on online marketing and social media. Since I also created the website for the cryptoworldzug association and we are getting a bit more serious and are expanding (but still operating at a loss) I thought that this course might be a nice addition to the skills needed to run that part of the association.

You can find the Website on (be aware that it is a work in progress and it is my 1st website design ever)

So here I was at this group and I got selected to do a short presentation on my website (there were quite a few crypto people in the crowd to my surprise) and the sad thing was that facebook was one of the first topics to come up as an online advertisement channel. I guess with 1 billion accounts we still cannot just write them off. I guess I will just have to combine my crypto knowledge with the old ways and get out wiser then I was before.


On the other hand, its nice to be back in school (never thought I would put something like this in writing) and to be improving my skill set. Being unemployed it does not hurt to improve yourself and get an official certification for that.
So if all goes well I will be some sort of marketeer in 8 months time. I know this does not replace a full university education but everything that can add to your store of knowledge is a good thing in my book.


So I am putting down that book and downloading the E-version so I can hopefully add a few chapters of my own.

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Maybe school makes your life miserable. But believe, there is no enjoyment that can be obtained with a smooth road. Even if there is, surely the effect is only temporary.


very true, but the bumps in the road must be there as long as you reach your goal in the end. Then those bumps have been worthwhile

It is so true that everyone wants to talk about facebook marketing. Be careful out there, apparently if you learn to get really futzy with the demographic details you can be successful, but I have seen LOTS of examples of the facebook machine eating money and turning it into very few likes (and not the likes that pay like on steemit!)

I hope you take the time to document your journey, marketing is an ever evolving space and I think that people like you are going to be defining the future of the space, not just 'learning' from the text book. This subject isn't like math, there is not just one right answer!



very true, and i have been thinking on writing a few blogs on the topic and how it goes together with the new site I set up and if the marketing tips have any effect... Its an interesting case for sure

Continual education is something you should always do in my book!


totally agree, but its easy to say, harder to do...

Muy interesante tu exposición. Yo también sé algunas cositas sobre marketing por las redes sociales.


gracias, es una nueva experienca para mi, pero me gusto

Well thats something positive out of being made redundant. They do say IT is the only job of the future so all those young enough to not have had their first job or career yet will need to be fully competent in computer and internet tech.
Its a bit daunting for those of us whom have a few years under their belt.
Nice article. Thank you. 😁


I have a few years under my belt, I am midway through my working life. But I am quite involved in the tech scene here so it does keep me informed at least.
I guess for the younger generations that are growing up with all of this its different

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