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RE: Hunger Hormones

in #sceince5 years ago

Suesa, the steemit chatter :)
You misspelled the "Science" tag.

"but this post is already a bit long and I don’t want to bore you. Instead, I will leave you with some thoughts:" No. please make it longer, don't be afraid that people won't read it, because if i was planning to read the whole post, I'll read it even fi it has more words to it.

I actually learned a lot from this post. So thank you for that.

Btw, I'm eating a lot, and tbh I think it's my heart that desires it


And it's the first tag, that means I can't change it... fuck.

I try to keep my posts at about 1k words, longer is usually too much for the readers ^^

1K words is a lot, you're right. but people can read more :)

have a great day

Hey, you still dint remove the misspelled tag!
And it remains as your main tag.

Oh, I just saw your reply to @yairdd.

Thanks for rubbing salt in the wound :(

I swear 🙇.
I missed out on your reply @suesa
To forgive is Divine

I'm not divine tho. So I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU EVER

Ohho! Is it so?
Don't you think this post was worth more?
Only if you had not misspelled it:P

Because you can't change the main tag.

Good words there @yairdd I kept posting even if no one notice imagine what the world be like if the author of Harry Potter just gave up after being rejected many tines

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