I'm sorry about that, I just saw this as you going out of your way to be slightly hateful (I mean I just left a positive comment on your post). But I am really sorry, I never realized that there was something wrong with the upvoting for example. I am always just happy if people upvote and comment positively to me but I am learning (I also loved it when people welcomed me here so that is why I have been commenting to welcome others). Apologies @suesa, I'll try to get better at this :)

It's just that comments like "nice post" "good content" and such are mostly meaningless. It's likely commented by people who didn't even read the post and are just hoping for an upvote.

If you want to sincerely comment on something, try to relate to the content and people won't see you as a spammer but as someone trying to connect. They might even upvote you. I know I try to upvote every good comment, as you can see when you scroll

I definitely see your point here. I think that it is that you are much further on your steemit journey than me so I feel like I don't view comments as spam as easily yet and I just don't care if it is positive comment that harms me in no way. And as this is your comment section you get to have a say on what types comments you want. But as said I'll try to get better. Hope you have a lovely day :)

Btw, you should keep an eye on your voting power, it's extremely low. You can check it on The less VP you have the less your votes are worth

Thanks, I didn't know sites like that existed :) I'll be sure to learn more about how the voting power works here. Cheers :)

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