Do You Wanna Get Hacked?

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See that guy up there? That's exactly how I feel when I dump my bags on people after a 5x. Feels like I'm a bitcoin thief. DISCLAIMER: Check my Steemit wallet though, I'm broke.

Crypto is addicting. So addicting that I'm going to make my career outta this. Whatever. Taking a fat risk. FAT. This crypto thing could be a fad, die out in 5 years and never be talked about again. Kinda like myspace, or maybe even Steemit.

I doubt it though. Steemit will be here for awhile. Too much money to be made to not want to be here. Especially when $STEEM is worth $50. Yeah, check it out.. Once that happens, man oh man, this platform is going to be popping. Probably 10 million users, a lot more followers than what you have now, a lot better content, better platform and more money. I'm optimistic for this platform's adoption. Also, don't even get me started how bullish I am on $SBD. Its actually wild how this system works. 1 SBD is supposed to be equal to 1 USD, but it pumps every time and is currently priced over $2.

Lesson of the day

Today, I'm going to try to inform you guys on how to avoid crypto scams and protect yourselves from cyber criminals and scammers. The way I think of scammers is funny actually. They're like that psychotic ex who goes out of their way to actively mess your life and head up and then benefit from it in several ways. Or that bully in recess who the teachers can never actually catch bullying you. It's messed up, it really is.

Scammers on the internet are intelligent people. They know what they are doing and what their goal is. They are motivated and hungry for whatever it is they desire, usually money. They are a bit psycho though and usually narcissists. However, they will do anything to get what they want and this is the scary part.

6 Scams To Be Aware Of

I. Fake Bitcoin Wallets

  • Scammers create fake wallets to defraud people and usually include a popular wallet name such as Coinbase or Electrum.
  • Often promise better tx speeds or lower fees

II. Fake Cloud Mining Services

  • There are a plethora of fake cloud mining services out there that explicitly state that they are offering cloud mining services without actually doing any mining.
  • These typically operate as Ponzi Schemes and can even pay a user multiple times before the funds disappear with no trace.

III. Bitcoin Investment Schemes

  • Bitconnect, for example, a pyramid scheme guaranteeing outrageous returns.
  • Users will not be able to withdraw money, I highly recommend investing on your own at your own risk.

IV. Fake Exchange Scams

  • Fake exchanges will essentially take the bitcoin deposited by the user and not allow withdrawal.
  • There are also plenty of exit scam exchanges such as Bitgrail, the $NANO exit scam

V. Phishing Scams

  • Involve recieving emails from a usually unknown person trying to steal your personal info

VI. Fake Donation Scams

  • Scammers know how to leverage people's emotions, so they go after the guilt factor
  • By creating fake donation pages, scammers ask people for donations for a good cause then keep the coin themselves

Be Safe

In this new digital age, especially with cryptocurrencies, you have to be extremely careful. You can't get your money back and you really have no idea who it just went to. Its game over. Some say this is a bad thing, others argue its beneficial but opinions aside, its the truth. Be safe out there!

Remember to always back up your private keys, and keep your passwords safe. Also, I'd advise against bragging about your gains to everyone. It's just asking to get rekt somehow. Keep it nonchalant, stay humble, and be smart. It's a dangerous world out there.

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if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not!
The addictive nature of crypto is what makes it so appealing to scammers. People assume they are going to get rich quick and when they don’t they start to take risks that they wouldn’t usually take.


They will offer elements that sound too good to be true. Its an issue.

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