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You may remember me as the guy who was always begging for witness votes and selling my own.

I'd do frequent copy and paste posts that would generate a hundred dollars a pop. Well that wasn't enough, I also ran @bellyrub and would take people's SBDs and not even give them the votes they paid for on their posts.

See that pic? That's me driving away with all the money I stole from other users that were kind enough to to lend it to me. I'm a cold hearted bastard, Christmas is right around the corner and I needed the money for crack rocks and presents.


Above is a picture of my girlfriend, I was proud to show her off and make comments about her ass because I'm a really classy guy.

Although I'm currently powering down all my accounts and moving my money out of Steemit, I'm leaving behind pictures of myself, my kid and my girlfriend because I'm not very smart and I don't care if people find out who I am or if they stay up on the blockchain for all of eternity.

Sure some people smelled a rat by the way I conducted myself on here but I was still able to take lots of people's money and even get them to help me scam others.

I'm not offering any explanations but you can summize I got in too deep with my loans and rather than handling it like a man I'm just gonna cut and run.

It's been a slice,


download (6).jpeg
"When the grass is cut the snakes will show"

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Blockchain proof, doesn't get any better, I know a few that invested with him, feel bad now. Way to bring it to the fore front buddy. It will all come back around....

Well I managed to get a reply from him anyways 😊 I may catch my first flag soon

Confucious sez: two things that cannot hide for long are the Moon and the Truth.

Ohh man... I giggled and shook my head all the way through this.

I'm with Ray. Blockchain proof. It really doesnt get any better.

What a disgrace! I really help this works out for the people who lent him money. At least he is replying...

On a more uplifting note: Holy fark GA! That 0.007 i sent you is now worth $90 CAD!!!

Keep on killing it bro 😜👍

Well. I have used bellyrub, and now I have lost some sbd. I am sure I will never see it again. I also tried the bellyrub bank. sent some sbd a few months ago, will hopefully see that again, time will tell I guess.

23 votes man and 3 cents = hm...

Not sure what that means. I often get several votes on my posts but they don't add up a whole bunch

What's worse is many ppl have lent him hundreds in delegations hoping for some interest

Yeah, it's not good. This whole thing is kinda based on free enterprise and trust, but there's bad people who will take advantage unfortunately. Empty promises. I sent and fairly early on in my steemit venture, because I figured what the hell, try it, but many people will lose a lot.

I quite enjoyed this post from "his view" lol, you make me laugh. I wish this whole thing wasn't really happening and I do see he replied and I hold out hope that it will get fixed even though I am quite doubtful myself as even when I was having worries with previous delegation stuff (which I ended up taking out of my own pocket to do), I never got a reply. I cannot support this individual at the moment as it all makes me weary but I hold out a light of hope for it to at least be resolved properly to those that have lost funds.

LMFAO, you always crack me up man.

Thanks bud, it's too bad this isn't funny tho.. there's alot of ppl sick they maybe out money? He's saying he's going to repay but he isn't sending anyone anything yet he's playing a waiting game, making ppl even more uneasy

What an absolute cockwombble. I've read other posts already today about him and his antics, let's hope someone catches up with him and gives him a right telling off!! Lol

Yeah man I was in a group with him, never trusted him and now I'm not surprised this shits taken place. I feel bad for the people that aren't gonna get their money back. I've been waiting to see what would transpire with all of this but he's not giving explanations so all those ppl can assume the worst. Classless shit my friend

Awww I thought it was a troll, but that sucks sorry man..

Naw I'm not troll, I'm just a dude hoping he'll see some of these posts and have a change of heart. I know ppl that are out because he's jumping ship

@welshstacker sorry for stealing your thread, @goldenarms well atleast your in it to help out and making it aware to the community..big ups to you

It's alright @meilo1995 at first I thought I was important with all these notifications

@welshstacker lmao 😂😂

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They better or I'll plaster your face on Steemit everyday for eternity. You can offer up an explanation for your shady behavior and I would consider deleting this? I'm sure everyone would appreciate that

Is that @zeartul real pic ...?

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Start sending funds to the ppl you owe right now, rather than flagging ppl that call u out on your horseshit. This won't end well for you.. you know that right?

Never passed the smell test?

Cockwombble? OMFG that's the funniest shit I've heard all day!

You're welcome

cockwombble, not sure but can't be good in this case, lol
facial recog is a bitch, worse then that hairdo, hope the wind don't mess it.

LOL, now he's gone through and downvoted my posts. Pathetic.

Ohh my... 😁😁hahaha
This was just hilarious can't stop laughing.
The way you write is just pure joy to read and this post just cracked me up dear!

Just sad story behind it tho with people not getting paid as they should.
Hope he mans up and do atleast that.

A real classy guy.

How much did he take on his scams? Same guy that scammed @cryptopie ? Get on yt Montagraph channel and put a link in the comments about this fool. Monty hates greasers and this guy deserves attention, lots of it. Put all the info in one link.
Or Agent 19 , OctoberReinz
God help this guy if they get involved.

bitch done messed up good this time

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I just heard about this earlier this morning.. sad really... to bad he can't just handle it like a #grownassman

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I know I don't know you and you don't know me but I'm glad you're speaking up. I hope you take care of the things you promised you would. More so for the sake of the Steemit platform... it's a great idea that many people would hate to see destroyed by the actions of one... All publicity isn't necessarily good publicity.. have a good day

This just reinforces that BOTs can't be trusted in the Steemian community!

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What do u mean my friend?

the post by @neoxian and zeartuls reaction. i don't believe him, but we will see...

He can't show proof of ownership transfer

heh sad story...
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