you are one audacious criminal, all the evidence that has already been presented and you feel somehow someway empowered to attack @drawingly?

I mean... I don't believe in divine justice, your very existence proves its not real, but to take advantage of a person with health issues like this makes me wish it did exist.

Listen, you are going to get attacked by everyone, and I know this won't do absolutely anything to change your ways. At some point in time you decided to be the person you are, to succumb to your addictions and attempting to help you is a task that only you should attempt.

Everyone is going to be Ok, even @drawingly and it won't be because life is fair, it will be because there a people who care and try to tip the scale in the right direction.

Have the decency to disappear from this place, if you have chosen to be manipulative, if you've chosen to life this lonely life where every single connection you've ever made with another human being has been to take advantage, go do that somewhere else...

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