Scaming is a profession & Scammer Never Die. New Kind of Discord Scammer For Steem and Hive User.

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Hello everyone,

There is some kind of people who are wasting their talent for doing scamming online. Normally they are very tricky and they try to use their best trick for scamming anyone. In this post, I'm going to introduce you all with a new scammer on discord. How is trying to scam many #steem & #hive users?


@theycallmedan is the name of inspiration on #steem & #hive blockchain and he is a very respectful person for each and every #steem & #hive user. If @theycallmedan asked you for sending him a little bit amount of BTC like $50-$100, without any hesitation you will send him likely $50-$100 BTC to him. But when he asked you that I will set an auto upvote for your #steem & #hive account worth $5-$10, then it will really make you surprised and You will feel very guilty about that. How @theycallmedan can be asked for money for his upvote, It quite impossible.

But the situation is not like the above, the scammer opened a discord account with the name @theycallmedan(founder 3speck) with Mr. Dan #steem & #HIVE account photo. He will send you a friend request when you accept his friend request after one of two hours he will send you a post form if you participate theycallmedan initiative and if Mr. Dan upovoted on your post. He will send you this post to you with an impressive comment like great post a pretty upvote for you to keep making more. When you reply to him. He will answer you are you post on #steem & #hive regularly, if you, I have an offer for you because your post is really very meaningful to me.

Then he will be asked you do you have another account and do you use that account for making #steem & #hive post. If your answer is yes he will be asked you for sending both account links. When you send him both account links he will take sometimes to win your trust. After 30 min he will tell you, you are a great writer and your post are really amazing and always deserve a good upvote. Then he will tell you that I'm going to set an auto vote for your both account worth $5-$10 that you can show your more afford but one condition you have to promise me you will post regularly and try to improve your quality. It will make you very happy but do be happy, just beware of his last offer. If I set an auto upvote for your both account you will be very lazy and there have a great probability to break your promise, let make a deal for valuing my offer as security send me any token like BTC or ETH worth $50-$100.


This the way he was trying to convince me for sending $50-$100, I was able to take one-hour form him. By this time I purchased $50 worth for sending him. But I was a little bit confused about the discord account of Mr. Dan. So I asked for help from some of my community members specially @priyanarc and @reazuliqbal. I told them the whole matter. Then they ensure me that this discord account is fake and forbid me for making any kind of financial deal. Thanks to all for saving my money.

$50-$100 BTC is not a big deal but If a scammer succeeds to convince you for sending him $50-$100 BTC, then it will be a really big deal. Because you will be the shame of yourself for your foolishness. One another thing to try to respect someone that he deserves will help you to know about his characteristics and in the future, it will help you a lot.

Not only that when you say the scammer you are unable to pay him he will try to wash your brain with some sweet word, but please don't send any kind amount for an upvote on #steem & #hive blockchain, Because no whale will be asked you for sending him any kind amount for their upvote. Because every whale is a very respected person on #steem & #hive blockchain and no one will try to make them very cheap for some small amount. Whales never care for the reward they just love promoting #steem & #hive as the best blockchain platform in the world.

Thanks for reading, the scammer tried to convince me this way, the convincing way could be different for you so please don't share any amount for any kind of upvote on #steem & #hive blockchain. If you faced such kind of experience please leave a comment below and please share this post, that every #steem & #hive user can read it and can save they form the scammer.


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