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RE: Criminals behind Bitclub-Network Investment Scam

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I enjoyed your reply to this post. I admit I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be. But can you explain to me why I shouldn't just go to Genesis or something similar? I don't truly understand the advantage of these shares in bcn why are they better. I am not trying to be contradictory to you just truly trying to have a better understanding.


Of course... I'm heavily involved in the crypto-currency industry. Email me here and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions: [email protected] You are purchasing actual mining machines with BCN, not shares of BTC. HUGE difference. BitClub Network is by far, the best crowd funding and mining operation out there.

come on, not even in the top 3... I grant you like it, and maybe can prove us wrong, but keep it honest.

You can't buy into Genesis today. All contracts are sold out. Alternatives like Hashflare are available, but only 12 month mining contracts. BCN is a 1,000 day mining contract. Nuff said.

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