Latest Vote Scammer?

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@lays was just seen what appeared to be cashing out a lot of SBD that was sent to him for his Upvote service that is not working. (He responded saying he was purchasing Steem delegation from Blocktrades, proof provided)


Check his wallet, there are dozens of people sending sbd for his vote service that is not happening, and many are complaining, check the comments on @lays last post. (Many complaints still exist, lays claims he is now manually upvoting all purchases.)

UPDATE: Lays is a manual upvote service, not a Bot service, so delays in upvote could be up to 24 hours or longer as in recent cases, which had brought forth a number of complaints. All votes have hopefully been caught up with now.


@prime-cleric so fuck sick mind you are ? I am not cashing out peoples money Orders full mean i do not want to take more orders because many orders are pending and it was not cash out it was power up i bought more power to help upvote buyers due to steem price crash my vote value gone down

Using your Steem Power for self voting is not the best option, especially if you are selling votes that others have paid and are waiting for.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

So why did you not choose to repay all those people who never got Upvotes. Instead you took their money to "Power Up"

@prime-cleric i power up because all of them will get upvote you jurk always post with proof

I am willing to take back what I posted, but we need to see proof that all those who paid you sbd for upvotes, either get refunded or upvoted.

@prime-cleric taking back your post will not help please request @yabapmatt to add me his site again due to your post He just removed my @lays id from his site this is not good

You were added to the witness steem chat session to discuss that.
You need to go there and chat with the witnesses.

Orders Full
But no upvotes or return of funds...
All we saw was cashing out. I am sure you saw what Bellyrub did just a few months back...
So we are very wary of what is going on, especially when there are a lot of complaints that I am getting reports of.

@prime-cleric order full mean i am not able to take more order because many orders are pending to stop people from sending alot of order i mention this slogan

Then set up auto refunds, or is this all a manual service and not a Bot service?

@prime-cleric this is not bot it was a manual service

talk in there may be an easy automated solution for you.

lays is not scam i guess,,,though he is cashing out ..its giving its upvote services..since few days

I hope not, he has only just cashed out, with a lot of unhappy people looking for a return on the SBD they sent him, no votes given.

@bibkchhetri check my latest post i spend money to power up and help customer and this sick guy said i cashout he is really mad man

lays, your poor business practices does not make me a "madman", if you need help in automating refunds when you cannot take any more orders, then you should look at appropriate bots or coders to help you. Witnesses on Steemit have been affected by your poor services and you need to rectify it, rather than attack the messenger.

@lays got u bro chill .....benefit your users nby giving upvotes ..i m with you

Sad to see so many taking advantage of the platform. I will certainly resteem your post in order for others to become aware of this situation.

Thanks, hate to see people losing to scammers.

It can be so difficult to find trustworthiness on the internet...

If someone is providing a manual service but is not providing what they claim then you are in the complete right to call them out on it. I see they do not like your post but I believe that is only because you caught them and called them out. Perhaps they will learn and repent of this crime against the users of Steemit.

Thanks for warning people. Resteemed.

Thanks for the information.....& share this post @prime-cleric (64)

Thanks for the info.. @prime-cleric

Thanks for awaring.

Hi friend @prime-cleric

If he is scammer then why he is not getting out by

This is absolutely ridiculous
Wicked human he is
When you can do the right thing to get that amount of SBD he still chose to scam people
Well everyone should be careful
Thanks for the awareness


Well, maybe this will be a new trend on Steemit. Scammers get more original every time.

I hope not, but it has happened before, pricks ruining the Steemit Community.

Original yet the same... !

Really disappointing that the owner of the bot-tracker decided (publicly in the witness channel) to spare him and allow the scam to continue.. but that shows who everyone really is...

Update: removed from the bot tracker!

I think i agree with @prime-cleric to an extent... If we cultivate the habit of being generous,i think steemit would have been a better place for us all.... Let's set our priorities right...

That's frustrating.

Reall very helpful post for steemit user. thanks for shareing...i love your all post...:)

Please Resteem, we need to get the message out and warn others.

@niharikalove read my new post in my blog @prime-cleric is a mad guy

Hello friend,
If someone send sbd then he lost it ????

Looks like it, unless @lays grows a conscience and repays those who sent him funds for Upvotes that they never received.

You sent 4 sbd to upvote ?.... When?

I don't see it on your account activity..........

@lucylin he is a shit man and attention seekers people are messaging because i have lot of order pending and i am upvoting one by one after power up so every one is getting upvote there is a just delay

I have no issue with you, I've never used your bot.

I just thought to have a look his profile, and became curious..

Using steem power for selfish reasons is not ideal.

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