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The Earthnation-bot is a minnow only upvote bot that gives a 4X upvote once every 10 days per user. All currency sent to the Earthnation-bot and all post rewards are reinvested into the bot, so this service can continuously serve more minnows.

This service is designed to make Steemit more rewarding for minnows, while also stimulating the Steem Economy.

The steembasicincome project is another initiative designed to help steemians of all kinds by giving a lifelong upvote subscription program. Similar to the EN-bot, all profits from the steembasicincome are given back to the people of steemit. We didn't originate this project, but we are supporting it with our resources.

The guild is another system that helps steemit authors earn higher rewards and more reach.

All of these systems benefit steem, though the guild is temporarily frozen until payout rates for authors get better.

Like mentioned previously, profits from Sdr-7 help enable us to further implement the above projects, and other world-changing projects.

The Sdr-7 does not inherently add value to steem, by itself. In general, the Earthnation does.

Take that as you will. If you'd like to use your money to take our money away, so we have less money to change the world in a positive way.... well.... that's your choice.


How does Earthnation contribute to steem?

It's easy to create multiple accounts, that's why there is no such thing as minnows and basic income cannot work on Steem.