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Yes, I got the Enigma email and was just about to buy in when I thought the message looked a bit suspicious with some grammar errors. Luckily, I decided to check out Ian Balina's telegram group that I belong to since I knew folks there would know what was going on. Sure enough, everyone was saying it was a scam and I didn't invest. Whew, but I feel bad for those that did. The last I heard, the scam address received over $300,000 worth of Eth.


One would think in the crypto space, people would confirm something before they send money.
Sad on several levels.

Yeah, the sad reality is you really have to check and double check things out sometimes otherwise it's so easy to get caught. Those people that lost out will be chocked but hopefully they'll learn for the next time. I've had to learn a few lessons the hard way in crypto land too as I'm sure many of us have.

Sometimes it takes a solid whack before we wake up and wear a helmet

FOMO destroys logical thinking

Yeah i am also in that group..i was in the actual Enigma slack right when it happened so i saw the mess..but i new when i recieved the email that they wouldnt just spring it on us that quick without a major announcement..

Woah....geez...freaky. This is the first time I've been caught up in a scam with an ico I was going to invest in. The sad thing is I still really like the project but I'm going to wait to see how the Enigma team reacts to this and if they can recover before I decide whether or not to still invest in them. Some people are saying they are over, but I don't belive that. I think it all depends on how they handle it. I'm leery of getting involved in the ico either way though. I think I might just opt to buy it once it gets on the exchanges if they handle things properly from now until then.

This won't stop the ICO. They will have to rethink the structure of it though and most likely redo the Whitelist because everyones whitelist email has been compromised.

Yeah, I'm rooting for them and hope they are able to figure things out.

Me to i was in the slack a few days and Tor seemed like a real genuine dude..not good when it happenes but even worse when it happens to nice people that really don't deserve it...But i hope this makes more projects re think the security aspect, it seems this has been happening alot latley.

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