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RE: Criminals behind Bitclub-Network Investment Scam

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I saw Jeff Berwick interviewing one of their guys, so I decided to do a google search . When I typed in Bitcoin club in google, the top search fills in Bitcoin club scam and this is how found this post. I should've known better that this is a scam if Jeff Berwick is interviewing them


You said Bitcoin club but it is Bitclub Network. It´s not a scam. He´s lying.

I am not lying, you just can't face the fact, that you have put your money in this black hole with minimal returns. Do your own research and don't call me a liar. I documented everything and even wasted 599$ worth of bitcoin on this crap. Would be worth 10.000$ today!

Is Jeff a scammer can you justify.

There's a video of Jeff drunk trying to explain to a client why he can't get the foreign passport for them like he promised. Have a look at it - should not be hard to find. I was drinking the coolaid of Jeff then I realised there was a problem. After that I then dug a bit deeper into Bitclub and found some doubts.

I saw that video awhile ago. The the truth is they were both doing something a little bit shady. The client was trying to buy a secondary passport and Jeff Berwick's contacts were sort of shady politicians. But to be fair both Jeff and the client claim to have anarchist values so if they view a law as unjust or useless an anarchist will just ignore it.Best case scenario Jeff was trying to sell a passport and the contact he had screwed Jeff. which is possible when defying laws you don't agree with and counting on contacts within the system

110% not a scam artist!

Berwick is not a scam artist. He might prefer to recommend investments in which he gets a cut or a kickback, but that same behavior occurs with all politicians, Fortune 500s, and probably your Uncle Ted. You should do your own due dilligence with any investment, but clearly this is no different to any other Wall Street offering, and probably more legit. Berwick is a complete conman. He sabotaged the GGC project, to then claim he was a victim of it and defrauded, along with a handful of corrupt clients of GGC and their Chilean counterpart who forged signatures, falsified documents and aided Berwick, and the handful of corrupt GGC clients in stealing, or destroying, millions of dollars in GGC property from Oct 2014 through April 2015. Typical of crooks, who carry out crimes, to then immediately deflect their actions onto others, while playing the victim card. They seized illegal possession of GGC, to then destroy it, two weeks after GGC obtained subdivision approvals to complete 80% of the project by the end of 2014. The guy is a conman and pathological in many aspects of the word. Him and his handful of corrupt cohorts (EJ Lashlee (Ponzi scheme felon), Josh Kirley (derivatives trader), Thomas Baker (corrupt military cop), Chris Serin (mining company saboteur) and a few other shady characters will have a database of their internal emails, falsified documents, timelines, maps, videos and more released soon. They bribed some of the past attorneys who were paid to defend GGC. We have the bank transfer receipts, which are being released along with a stack of other evidence to the courts, and then publicly. The 'truth' movement, and the crypto movement has the attention span of a flea for the most part and truth means nothing...only memes and bullshit. Cheers. FYI. I'm the guy who created the legit businesses that Berwick made money on, and he then screwed me, and many others, out of. His emails berating libertarians and others will be fun reading material for all of his idiot apologists and sophomoric readers.

Huge mistake your making. This article is nothing but lies. You're letting a pathetic idiot who knows absolutely nothing about the industry or BCN dictate your life. WOW! BCN is 110% a legitimate mining operation with 3rd party hash rate validation on the blockchain. Here's the proof: Visit my site if you want to learn more and how to become very successful in this industry.

It is a mining operation abd a big mining pool, but still run by criminals and a ponzi.

really?, what the ROI for a 500 package? at 10k BTC price?

Correct, but Jeff might not know. It seems most people don't care. If it pays large commissions everthing else is forgiven, even child abuse and rape. The guy behind did his time, now everything is ok. Well it is NOT!

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