*** WARNING! *** New Steemit Phishing Scam -- Be Very Careful with Certain Comments

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Your Attention PLEASE!

This is a general notice to all Steemians! 

Beware this user!

There's a new phishing scam afoot in our community-- appears to have just started, maybe half an hour to an hour ago. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this, so you don't become a victim of theft!

The intent of the perpetrator is to steal your Steemit master password to gain access to your account and steal your rewards!

A relatively new user by name @hellcow is posting comments on just released posts, all with very similar text to this: 

DO NOT click on any links that look like the above!

However, the link is spoofed! It will take you to an offsite page that "looks like" Steemit, but actually isn't. There you will be presented with what LOOKS LIKE a Steemit login screen, but actually this is an attempt to get your Steemit password, so that person can access your account... and presumably empty out your funds.

Even though this person has already been flagged into oblivion, the pattern continues.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK, instead just FLAG the comment if it is not already invisible.

Don't fall for this cheap attempt at stealing!

I am sure others have made similar messages, but everybody needs to be aware this is happening, so PLASE RESTEEM this for greater visibility!

Thank you!

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress...

Created at 171226 13:52 PDT

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Very useful and important post you share. It help us to be aware of this user

Ever since the rise of prices of SBD and Steem , it seems as if a lot of scam has come along with it

Whenever there is money on the table, some people seem to think it's an invitation to try to steal it. Which is sad, since we have a perfectly legitimate way of earning rewards here!

Greed gets to people , what can I say .

Yes @denmarkguy but thieves are lazy and just love money without work ! fck this mentality they are the enemy, the parasites )

Thanks for the heads up! Will be on the look out! 👀

As a general rule, if you click a link and it asks for a login/password and you were not expecting it, you shouldn't enter your username & password.

Exactly right @themarkymark!

Unfortunately, Steemit is this interesting and strange "hybrid" social site that seems to draw an unusually large number of first time social media users... whether it's the money, or the anarchy angle, or the non-censorship angle... we have a lot of inexperienced people here who might fall prey to something like this.

This particular scammer made the mistake of choosing a VERY senior Steemian for his first approach... showing that criminals are generally stupid and greedy. And he got flagged to oblivion, pretty much within the hour. And hopefully before any "copycats" got the idea...

Glad this scammer got caught early. I hope no one fell for this garbage.

That would be my hope, as well. I think he only got about 20-25 comments out there before that door slammed shut, so I'm hopeful.

Thank you very much for your information, their are some right bastards out there. Cheers mike

Scary thanks for the heads up!

I know @kubbyelizabeth, it is. If you feel inclined to put out the word in the MSP community, that would be awesome! I'm sure this guy is already "buried" but better safe than sorry

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

It does seem that whenever the value of Steem is rising, more bottom dwellers come out with their shenanigans.

What you bring up here is something I have suggested before... we need a different "score" here, aside from just reputation and SP; one that is trust-based and directly related to your level of seniority and actual interaction/contribution here. I know reputation sort of does that... but it doesn't really reflect actual trust, standing and contribution in the community, just how much you've been upvoted.

While it’s not new this is first time I have heard about it in a few months now. Scammers must back at their old tricks again.

Yes, I remember some similar things going around-- last time they came as "wallet spam," as I recall. This is a little more insidious because the links LOOK legit, but if you hover your cursor over them you can see the hidden redirect.

Last time if I'm not mistaken it started out as this then spread into wallet spam with them claiming there been an account security issues.

Wonder if they will ever include peoples rep score in wallet transactions as well. Or even an option to enable a second key code requirement to send or use steem/sbd

Yes, it would be nice if there were more security measures... I like how there are now prefilled fields for people you're already connected to when you make a wallet transfer... makes it all but impossible to put a type in an exchange's username, for example.

On another site I was on-- many years ago-- there was something called a "web of trust" that worked independently of reputation. Reputation is automatically calculated... web of trust could be a purely manually created score.

Wow! Thanks for the heads up... This is scary. More people need to see this. You've earned my vote.

It's just nasty. You can resteem this post... but ABOVE ALL, if you see any comments like the one above, just flag it to make it invisible.

these hacking attacks will increase tremendously , it already happens to exchanges , phone wallets , get some good safe place for your cryptos.
IF you hold "more coins"consider to invest those 60 bucks in a COLD wallet

Sad... but true. My first exposure to this sort of thing was phishing emails during the early days of PayPal... "Your account has been compromised! Please reset your password!" and all that garbage.

A good multi-currency hardware wallet does seem to be becoming more and more of a necessity.

Ah! gentlemen, there is no need to be so distrustful. Now go ahead, click on the image below to visit my trusty webapp and verify that your Credit Cards haven't been hijacked by the hackers. 😂 }:)

You've been hacked!

LOL good one !

Sure dear!! Laughter is the best ally for awakened souls. ¿Doesn't it? :)

Yes, well... clearly not everyone has a sense of humor about this sort of stuff...!

Yeah mate! that's for sure. Because, to have Sense of Humor you have to be a thinking being. And clearly, not everyone can afford and bother to think before acting. }:)

Helloooo!! there is something there?


Thanks for the info. Reteemed, upvoted.

Thanks for resteeming, that’s how I saw this post. Good looking out guys!

Thanks, appreciate it @luzcypher! I'm just grateful that the first few people this good tried to hit happened to be pretty experienced and saw right through it.

I am so tired of people and their scams, perhaps its time to become a hermit (lol). As a new user, I wasn't aware that there were these things going on here. Thanks so much​ for the heads-up my friend. I'll be cautious in the future.

Welcome to Steemit @johnnyrobish... sadly it seems that anywhere people are offered an opportunity to earn a reward of any kind, there are always scamsters and lowlifes that show up to try to exploit the situation. Steemit is-- alas-- not an exception. On the whole, though, this is a great community so I hope you decide to stay with us for a while!

Thanks for the heads up @denmarkguy.

I'm reminded how much the resteem idea needs a modification.

The only person likely to see a resteem is the person who does the resteeming.

I generally don't go to a follower's site to read their blog, as their current work shows in my SteemNow feed.

Again, many thanks for the warning.


It could be better, BUT... whenever you resteem something, it does end up in the feed of all your followers for a time. You'll see "@spiritualmatters resteemed" and then the title of the post... but it's not the greatest system, I agree.

Thanks for the awareness!

In that case, consider this important post a resteem.


I typically ignore anyone with a reputation less than 25...if it's negative, no way no how, will do anything other than mute it...or perhaps flag.

At issue is some folks don't know better and since it looks legit they might fall for it.

that's why I use reputation as a general guide.
if someone has a negative rep they earned it...somehow.
and most likely in not a good way.

I generally leave them alone, too... but this is one place (to my mind) where a flag is appropriate. Some relative newcomer who hasn't yet learned better doesn't deserve to be taken in by this sort of thing and lose the few hundred $$$ they've managed to scrape together.

Besides, I'm also selfish. I don't want Steemit to be known for this sort of shyte anymore than it already is... so if I can help preserve its reputation, it'll help MY rewards, too.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Just crazy how much effort people will put into scamming instead of just creating....

This particular "outbreak" was pretty well contained and very quickly... but yes, it's pretty stunning the trouble people will go to to do things through cheating rather than simply as the system was intended to be used. Which many of us have discovered actually DOES work...

Well said my friend 😉👍

Thank you for the heads up, this is scary how people can do those things and I really hope people doesn't fall in this trap.
Some people just doesn't want to make an effort just steal and ruin the spirit of good people. They need to be stopped.

And it's ironic because Steemit is actually a perfectly good way to make something through legitimate use of the site. And yes, they do need to be stopped.

I agree 100% Let's hope those people do get stopped and this place can be what it was suppose to be. The best place and with so many amazing people who writes good content and support each other.

Yep I also saw a similar message on a post a few minutes ago

Yeah, it's "doing the rounds." Unfortunately, the best we can do is flag these into invisibility, ALSO so they won't be seen by any wannabe copycats.

And that is what flags are for... not over disagreements.

Indeed! Absolutely correct and appropriate use of flags... and also a case for why we need to have flags available. But otherwise? Yeah, not for petty disagreements and people with personal axes to grind.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Might just have been the fastest post I've made in the time I have been here... that kind of thing has to be STOPPED before it even takes its first breath. Don't want Steemit to have a reputation as a home for scamsters...

Yes just had it hit @daddykirbs blog!

Fortunately, the perp has already been flagged to a -3 rep. He made the rather stupid mistake of putting the first comment of its kind on @kingscrown's blog... NOT something you should try to pull on one of the very first Steemians' blogs...

Oh my!. Can you imagine. He tried to start his mountain climbing from Everest.

Yeah... criminals tend to be stupid. "Oh look, this person has a lot of money... let's start there..."

Oh my....

These people should grow up and start working for their gain and not steal from others.

They should... and it's sad because here we have a perfectly legitimate system that can me made to work for you, without resorting to cheating.

..but why will somebody want to scam when the same opportunity to earn is available for all?
Thanks for the information.

I wish I understood this, as well @adejoke16... but it just seems that as soon as their is a reward involved some want to get "money for nothing."

I just hope they have a change of heart, and try to live a legitimate and peaceful life with beautiful memories, because look at it from another side, you can't rob somebody off and be at peace.

I tired o, that is how life has been. One just need to be careful with those scammer

Thanks for this @denmarkguy. Just imagine a reputation of -3 still having the audacity to perpetrate his "scammy" acts. Thank goodness for a noble system as reputation score. How would one have set a criterion of easy identification. Thanks once again

In my opinion, this is why it's a goof thing that we DO have flags on Steemit @lemmybe. I know some people think the leave us open to abuse... but in a situation like this, we can make someone's reputation below zero, after which all their posts automatically become "invisible" unless you take extra steps to see them.

the more the value goes up, the more sharks that will circle...

And wherever there is a reward involved, there will always be sharks.

Anthropologically speaking, it is healthy (but crappy).

May the resources go to the the ones clever enough to use them...

All hail Darwin ! lol

One must wonder how it feels to be so useless that you prey on others for your own gain. I suppose I hope it hurts to be a criminal parasite. It would be nice if they were repaid in kind.

payback for the rest of society allowing the education system to be what it is, and cultural marxism to flourish...

looking for blame?- look in a mirror (not you, figuratively speaking)

And the ironic thing is that sometimes these lowlifes actually put more time and effort into running a scam that makes them less than they would, had they applied the same amount of honest effort to the same project.

holy cow!

Yeah, not good news. We had a few of these a few months back... couple of people had their accounts hijacked.

This is sad. The people who harm others for their benefit dont understand the law of karma. naive they are.

Well, I certainly hope it comes back and bites them in the butt, one of these days.

Sincerely! They don't understand, I wonder how they sleep at night

thanks for your warning and to quick response of everyone, so many people can be saved by this post.

Fortunately, the person trying this got extensively downvoted almost immediately, so their reputation went to -3 in a hurry... and now all their posts will be invisible.

Nice to hear that sir, that shows that our community is really responsible and so cooperative at a case like this one.

Thank you for the warning. I will resteem this as it is really important info to take note of.

Thanks for the alert

there is no such thing like 100% security on web...steemit wallet is securest wallet but not 100% secure ...so take care ...thankyou for such a nice post

You're right, 100% security is almost impossible. Which is why people also should take a moment to simply be AWAKE and double check things, rather than just accept without question.

Thanks for informing us about this scam, with this information going round, he/she has failed in the plan. Thanks again.

Thanks for share @denmarkguy

steem is emerging as an giant in online trading system

How low can people get
Thanks got the warning
I'll resteem this

Thanks, beware of these guys, muted already.. A case for @steemcleaners I think.
Best regards

Thanks for informing us about this!

Thanks for the heads up

This is a must read for all

Wow....thanks for the heads up

Its about time steemit uses the double verification method just like what facebook uses.

Crafty animal...

Thanks for sharing this.

Its about time Steemit starts using double authentication method when an account is logged in on a different device

The heart of man is wicked and deceitful.
And the only Solution is Love,
Which they refuse to accept... LOL

Thank you for sharing this post with nice comments

Good catch and thanks for informing

Hi @denmarkguy Sir !

It is my #first ever comment on your post.

First off- The way you guided the mass in this blog is really appreciable. This is not a wondering thing for a common guy like me that if SBD or STEEM goes up it definitely brings scam. Actually it is not only the case with these but it is a general marketing tactic as far as i read in marketing books.
This article is worth reading for the rest of steemians that's why i am #resteeming it as well.

My support is always with you @denmarkguy

Wish you a very Happy New Year in anticipation Sir!

It's so bad some people do not want to use legit means to earn money for their pocket but always want to use the back door to enrich themselves of the hard-earned money of others and then call themselves the "smart guys". So bad.

Nice, I like the way this news is spreading.

Anothing is to alway login with your posting keys.....

That way if anything goes south, you still have some leverage and can reset it

This type of phishing is frustrating. All phishing is, but the double/triple spoof is massively irritating. Thank you for pointing it out.

Merci pour information, maintenant je serai plus attentif @denmarkguy ;)

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the warning @denmarkguy we really need to protect each other with sharing content like this.

Thanks for the warning. I have hit one of these scams in my early days on steemit. Likely nothing in the account was stolen as it was only a few steems. Steem.chat and steemit developers helped in resetting my passwords. Indeed be careful with website links.

very good alert, thank you

Nice post, we should becarefully and safety

you hv done a great job by keeping us in the loop...thnx boss

good to know 😊👍

This is very dangerous I have hidden me Everyone must be aware of the prohibition of these types of fraudsters want them to steal people's money
But society is not equipped with high protection


@denmarkguy Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the warning. It's good to be aware of these scams in order to avoid them effectively.

As if berniesanders melodrama wasnt enough, now this.

thank you!! Sharing with the @adsactly community.

Thank you very much for the warning :)

thanks for the information sir @denmarkguy

Thank you for the information!

Thanks for your information @denmarkguy

Sad that there will always be people trying things like this. Thanks for getting the word out!

Thanks for the heads up! Resteemed.

Every time there is a lot of money, there must be thieves who roam with their own techniques and tricks, because they are not able to break directly, then they use the trap of another way to the user. Hopefully Steemit @ned CEO can anticipate spammers.

Thanks so much for the heads-up! Reblogging!

Thanks for heads up @denmarkguy

You the real MVP - thanks for keeping everyone in the loop


thank you for sharing this @denmarkguy, what a stupid scammer. they should be blocked sir.

thank you for sharing this info . your a true life saver , heheh sir @ned please do something to this user please. please verify this account if its true we need your immidiate action . once again thank you @denmarkguy

A very evil crime lela on the surface of the world of steemit. Very in pity if we managed to get stuck.

Thank you sir! I will definitely resteem this

thanks for sharing

@denmarkguy... Incredibly valuable post. Definitely resteeming. Thanks for giving us a heads up.


Yikes, I hope nobody fell for this. Thank you for the quick response here to make this public. I feel like it'll save at least a few people from making a big mistake!

Thanks for this information.
Now, I should be at Alert

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thank you for this information. Resteemed.

Thanks for the heads up, it especially important for newbie like me.

Thanks for the warning!

Great info I never pass my login details when prompted to do so.
I just retype the actual websites base url to see if I've been logged out.
If I have been logged out I just re login on the actual website then go back to the page and if it again asks me to login its an obvious phishing attack.

Great post I will resteem for my followers.

when will the scam end ? :(

Thank you for writing about this @denmarkguy

Looks so scary!

Thank you for the warning!

Thank you very much!!

This is "A MUST READ" to everybody, specially to newbies like me. Thank you for this info..

Thanks for the warning....

One good reason to keep most of your Steemian assets "powered up" so that they can't all be accessed immediately!



Wow, thanks for the heads up. I am new in the Steemit space. This was good to know!

Thanks for this important information i will be careful.

thank you for the heads up !!

It's very useful Topic, Thank you!!