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RE: Criminals behind Bitclub-Network Investment Scam

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Steeme is out of his mind to call BCN a scam when many detractors have stated that they could not prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it is a scam and Steeme himself concedes that it is legitimately trading on BTC Pool. What a wasted write. So contradictory or should I say jealously jotted down rubbish to forever label a fellow trying to make a success after "a conviction."

Are we saying former convicts are not capable of transforming and running a business model? Was the conviction fraud related case? Actually he contradicts himself with that eye popping heading (Criminals Behind......) when in actual fact he could only name 1 individual as a former convict. Why call people "CRIMINALS" when currently they are neither living as fugitives nor serving any sentence? Now can he (the author) or someone else name any other criminal mastermind behind Bitclub? The article says Criminals. I guess reading between the line one can easily identify malice and jealous and down right inconclusive allegations.

I am unashamedly involved in BCN and I can testify that the Club or Company BCN is really helping many to become financially stable even make millions. The earnings are real and legally sound in many states world over.

In South Africa I have seen, in the 3 months that I have gotten involved with BCN, people's real earnings from actual mining profits plus the compensation plan that is unequaled. Myself too have experienced these earnings. There are also records of people who have worked their way up to earn shares withing BCN without actually paying hard cash for them for anyone to see for themselves how legit BCN is.

This guy (the author) is a real false alarmist who has a lot of time on his hands to wast it on nonsensical accusations like the above article.

To prove you wrong Steeme,

  1. Bitclub was launched in 2014 and 3 years on, it is still going strong, stronger and strongest.
  2. There is a commodity and it is Digital Currency Pool Shares (Bitcoin Pool Shares). Oversight on your part I hope.
  3. Bitclub will survive even without new members joining the company because of the innovative ideas that the entity introduces to the company like CoinPay etc.
  4. The shares in BCN are legit and will be sold out sooner or later.
  5. The shares actually grow and the shareholders may actually trade them off.
  6. Earnings are actually higher than what the author makes them out to be.
  7. Many investors have usually hit ROI withing their first year of purchasing shares. Some as early as 4 or 5 months. All this just from daily dividend earnings never mind the recruitment compensation plan earnings.
  8. The good news is that, even after making you ROI, you still have your shares intact and daily earnings even multiply. Where on earth can you find such an investment model like BCN? Very few entities I presume.

So join the club if you are a Network Marketing enthusiast because there is no any other Network Marketing Company with so much rewards as BCN.

Bravo Bitclub Network!!!

Kelvin Chinga-Proudly SA Achievers Bitclub Member


WELL DETAILED!!, the Poster must be out of his mind!!

Thank you @delice, God bless you

Total loser this idiot is... BCN is the best crowd funding mining opportunity in the world. Hands down! I'm changing people's lives day in and day out here. Keep the faith...

Yeah, sure. What about the childrens lives and the rape victims lives? Do you care about money you don't earn or how the money gets spend?

yes he does not know how to build a network ROGER VER also deleted his tweet about bitclub being a sceme

What network? You think about a network of idiots financing a pedofile ring through a scam operation? Then you are absolutely right.

shut the fuck off

This guy is a full blown idiot here. Steemit is a big joke of a website, No credibility whats-so-ever. Let the haters hate my friend, and let the herd-mentality sheeple follow them, while entrepreneurs like you and I not only get stupid rich, but also show and mentor hundreds of people in the world on how to do the same. BCN has been nothing less then a blessing in me and my families lives. Learn how to mine bitcoin: #BCNRules

Angry? Realising you financed a criminal pedo ring? Get used to facts. BCN will vanish

Got my upvote, this guy is full of shit, yet he dedicated lots of time to publish that

Blind men got Hitler elected

and funding convicted pedofiles.

I'm still asking any of you BCN supporters to show me some good ROI, I got invited and numbers didnt add up for me. You sound so convinced that I would give it a second look if anyone show me some numbers that proves that the ROI is better than buying BTC on an exchange.

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