Thank you!

I can not believe you are still promoting it and giving out your referral link, on a post that exposes it as a scam, nonetheless!

It's the page that prompted me to write this article :) You might want to go through the comments, where the author says he believes it's a scam and is no longer promoting it.

but he still got his $1500 back after 239 days, and made $842 in profit on the loan

  1. He did not get his money back yet, because 239 days didn't even pass yet from the time of his investment! He even says in the article "I will only get $1,500 back at the end of the lending contract". "WILL GET", not "GOT". Please stop spreading false information.
  2. We all know you're just trying to promote this shit for personal gain. Please do it elsewhere.
  3. You are not "in the same boat" as the people you referred. You only invested a minimal amount, and you're already in profit because of your referrals. If you withdraw (or already withdrew) your small initial investment, you are risking absolutely nothing, while they are risking their own money.

out of $90,000 in loans in my downline, I referred $20,000, the rest is by my referrals. BCC token has a 60 million dollar market cap, and it will continue regardless if I promote it or not, so I choose to take my share of the profits

that is normal for a ponzi scheme sir.

Actually that same writer added a 12,000 loan. He's still wary but he's testing it.

Unbelievable Craig, big BIG disappointment, and don't keep saying you're on the same boat as everyone else, you're on the boat all those referrals built you, while referrals are swimming behind the boat, and will be the first to drawn...

watching this video in restropect after @craig-grant has made over $100,000 in BCC is quite hilarious. fear and ignorance isn't the best investment...

Reading this after Bitconnect just crashed makes me think you're an idiot.

Oh wow, really? someone took a 10k $ loan to invest in bitconnect??

How will you be able to sleep at night if this turns out to really be a scam, craig? Will you just remove your youtube video and go on about your day?


the risk I took was $100, earned back 25 times more already

Well, good for you, but you have been warned now. I'm assuming most of the income was from referrals. Are you the guy from YouTube?

cryptocurrency is play money, nothing to be warned or worried about

I guess we will agree to disagree about that :P

Play money has real value but if you are putting it into a centralized exchange (Like BitConnect) then you're taking the risk. If BitConnect is a scam aren't all centralized exchanges also scams? Some other exchanges offer the loans too and use bots for liquidity. These are unregulated exchanges so do you suggest they should be regulated?

Bitconnect is offering higher returns because of their "trade bot" without giving any information of its results just handing you numbers on their platform you have to trust.

Of course referrers make money, just like they do on any other ponzi if they are in there early. Comparing bitconnect to normal exchanges is absurd. They don't require your funds to be locked for 150-300 days.

Maybe we need a BitDISCONNECT meme! Ha ha!

Thanks @thegrinder. I found this when trying to quickly get to the bottom of bitconnect. Would love you to give my article on Token a look over -

Must feel good having a lot of people lose money if this indeed turns out to be a scam.

i am in the same boat as everyone else invested, and I am prepared to lose $200, no problem

What about the extra 12.5x of your earnings whike actively promoting a scam? I'm glad I didn't listen to any of these.

I dot think int's scam, and I can wait a few months to know I'm right, if it does turn out to be a scam then I can delete all my videos that talk about or link to Bitconnect. In the past I did the same for Genesis when so many comenters were calling it a scam, I deleted all the videos and restarted promoting it a few months later. I remember when steem was a scam, and when dash was a scam. Time will tell

Yes I remember that. I totally agree with you on this. When people don't try it or understand it they call it a scam. Just as they did With DASH, Genesis-Mining and Steemit.

There is no question BitConnect is a scam. It has all the characteristics. Early adopters to these scams who know when to get their funds out can realize those returns, but only at the expense of the principal of all the other suckers who put their money in afterwards. If you promoted this to your YouTube audience, then I'm calling that a misuse of your influence.

lol, wow. You'd think after all the time you put on the platform you'd know the difference between a project that in no way requires you to put money up front to be able to earn cryptos between one that does.

That's why I've been negative towards you pushing referrals as if its your day time job. A project that requires new investors to place 100 usd up front and the ones referring gain a % of that is a huge red flag considering no other genuine cryptos allow that. To top it off your funds are locked for x amount of days. Genesis mining is different in this regard, but bitconnect started to remind me more and more of MLM scams like Onecoin.

I deleted all the videos and restarted promoting it a few months later.

How does you deleting all videos of bitconnect help the users you referred who may lose money on it while you have gained a % of the money they have put in?

the same thing that got me to do a $100 lean with bitconnect is the same force of nature that drives others to do it, so I am in the same boat as them, my subscribers hear me preach about personal responsibility everyday, no praise or blame games

right now I can upvote myself 40 times per day and earn about $30 worth of steem because I have 100,000 steem tokens locked up. I could lock up 20K in bitconnect for 120 days and get paid daily for that, but it has to be locked up in USD, whitch makes the payments higher. It's like saying I can lock up my steempower for 120 days as SBD and get paid for that

Alright! only two things to play like trading win or lose nothing to worry that much I am prepared to lose and really appreciate when I won, At least I tried and not just speculating rock in roll to the world oh yeah!

You, yourself not investing much in this. You have invested about $700 but you have earned much more from referrals.
Not all will get this much referrals.
You are not taking any risk of loosing money because you are not investing in it. You just want to earn from their referral program.

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