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RE: Be Careful Selling Your Bitcoin on Local Bitcoins

in #scam4 years ago

I’ve never liked PayPal. They do this thing all the time. When they hooked up with eBay they always sided with the buyer and not the seller. I choose not to use PayPal for anything. Sorry to hear.


I haven't actually looked into this. But, part of me wonders whether it is just the modern iteration of a protection racket. What if it wasn't really fraud? Maybe they just fucked me over so that I will pay them protection money, as in, seller protection- which no doubt costs an additional fee.

I would't be surprised considering the shit that major corporations are getting away with recently.

The funniest thing is I have paid them so much in fees over the past year as it is, so I really don't understand what I am paying them for if this can happen. It isn't a fee. It's unavoidable taxation.