Be Careful Selling Your Bitcoin on Local Bitcoins

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I was in a rush and there wasn't many bitcoin buyers online, so I used one I wasn't familiar with and that didn't have much feedback. I decided to sell to this user, and everything was fine. The payment arrived in my paypal, and then I withdrew it and released the bitcoins to the buyer from escrow.

However, a couple days later, I have learned that paypal has reversed the payment because it was made using fraudulent methods apparently, and so now my balance is heavy in the negative and I won't be able to make another withdrawal until I have enough to cover the negative balance.

Personally, I consider this paypal's fault. They accepted the payment, so in my opinion, they have no right to now reverse it and leave me as the scammed party. Nevertheless, I cannot get my money back, and it has really fucked me over given the time of year.

I really want to advise anyone selling their bitcoins through;

Only use buyers who have exceptional feedback. Even if there are none fitting that description buying bitcoins at the time, just be patient. Come back in a few hours and find someone better to sell to.


I’ve never liked PayPal. They do this thing all the time. When they hooked up with eBay they always sided with the buyer and not the seller. I choose not to use PayPal for anything. Sorry to hear.

I haven't actually looked into this. But, part of me wonders whether it is just the modern iteration of a protection racket. What if it wasn't really fraud? Maybe they just fucked me over so that I will pay them protection money, as in, seller protection- which no doubt costs an additional fee.

I would't be surprised considering the shit that major corporations are getting away with recently.

The funniest thing is I have paid them so much in fees over the past year as it is, so I really don't understand what I am paying them for if this can happen. It isn't a fee. It's unavoidable taxation.

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Would be good to see local alt-coins running in smart contracts. I consider cash (in mail perhaps) more decentralized..

If not a local altcoins then certain a

Especially now that smart media tokens will bring in an entirely new base of buyers and sellers from the paired coins' communities.

btw I'm a bit reluctant to link it, since I just saw the link and it looks terrible anyways medium is something I'm not sure I like.... back to the point,

Turns out you can do that in Austria.

hear your story little there is a weakness about the price, especially in terms of selling there will be losses ,,,,!

Ah, damn. I actually might have a solution for you.

I can't see what it could be.. Could you tell me on discord? I will be on there shortly.

Oh that's bad! Hope it was not that much money you've lost! ☹️

It was worth exactly the same as if it had been a billion, so really it doesn't matter. It's just such a cuntish thing to do, especially at this time of year, and I was already struggling a lil bit. I felt it worth warning others because I keep getting replies on my old post about how to cash out through localbitcoins. I don't want my own tutorial to lead to someone getting fucked over during the holidays, so this felt very necessary.

Sorry I couldn't find the time to enter your contest. I actually drew up a number of rough sketches, but never got around to refining them. I will enter the next one.

Thats the most gutless thing I have heard. The things people will do to good people is disgusting. Hope those bastards get the karma they deserved. Sorry for the loss especially this time of year doesn't make it any easier. :(

It's okay. There are far worse things one can lose than money. But, yes. You are right. It's disgusting, at any time of year but especially this one when people ought to know that people are skint as it is from purchasing presents.

Yeah either way that shouldn't ever happen. But bad people will keep doing bad things. Just like they said that about the internet at first and then bitcoin ( only for drug trafficking and porn ) either way it would still happen. Bad people aren't going to stop doing what they're doing.

Hay I even don't imagine such kind of situation. Of they have to reverse it. Then why they accept the payment. And its really a scam.

Yes, that's what I thought. It seems to me that the real scam artist here is PayPal.

We must be careful about the transection over these apps, we don't know that would happeing here. Because it's the world of internet and hackers . Brother I am feeling sad for you.

Do not worry about me. It is three days from Christmas and I have a huge family here with me. Worry for someone less fortunate. There are only a few billion of them.

Really though, thanks for the sentiment.

poloniex also

Who you calling fikir?

jadi menurut pendapat saya, mereka tidak berhak membalikkannya dan meninggalkan saya sebagai partai scammed. Meski begitu, saya tidak bisa mendapatkan uang saya kembali, dan itu benar-benar membuat saya kehilangan waktu sepanjang tahun.

You should not use Paypal

Well, there isn't much of an option in this world of middle-men.

Now bitcoin is valuable digital currency so everyone alert from scam.

OMG...Sorry that happened to you. I'm learning so much about this cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. Thank you for the warning. Hopefully you can recover some of your losses.