Karbon.io: Evidence of a scam ICO? Weigh up the evidence

in #scam3 years ago

I'm feeling pretty annoyed about this because I hate it lies. I especially hate lies designed to take money from the gullible. And most of all, I hate incompetence.

Karbon.io appears to me to be a tissue of lies and a case study in incompetence. Currently they have successfully extracted more than $200,000 from people who believe something that has no evidence to back it up. Now, maybe the people sending them money deserve to lose it as they didn't dig deeply enough and allowed greed to blind them, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and be charitable and consider them as victims.

Let me lay out the evidence for the community to judge.

  1. There is no product. They talk about a demo, but where is it? Apparently there was a beta, but it was closed. That's convenient.
  2. Basic incompetence. They don't expect anyone knowledgeable to link to their site on social media, that's obvious. If you do, you'll get a lovely snippet of JavaScript for a counter showing up as the description for the link. Yeah, these guys really know their stuff. Facebook better be shaking in their boots.
  3. Non existent Github accounts. In the section on the home page of their site they have two team members with github links. Problem is they go here:

    So, if you want to check out their code, tough luck. Personally, I don't think there is any. But, anyway. Let's continue.
    4.A Whitepaper that reads like a work of fantasy. Go on, have a read. It's insane. I could go into detail, but there is none there. It's just a wishlist. A fantasy. No code proofs, no tech details. Nothing.
    5.Shills everywhere. They've been spamming everything, everywhere with the same press release that starts "Social Media Is Buzzing About This Summer’s Hottest ICO — Karbon. The World’s First Decentralized Social Media Platform powered by Cryptocurrencies". Problem is, it's a press release supported by zombie sock puppets and bots all over Reddit. If you go their subreddit, for example (I won't increase their credibility by linking to it, if you really want to find it you can), you'll find loads of pages about their announcement. Crazy impressive, huh? Well, that is until you realise that every other page is pretty much a repeat of content. Bam, Bam, Bam. Keep the factory going and make it look buzzing!
    6.Easy to prove fake profile shills. This is where it gets a bit creepy, but this is what it takes to prove nonsense. One of their PR megaphones has comments at the end of the article addressing accusations of scamming. Have a look:

    Now the fun starts. Doing a google image search on these profile pics (just right-click in Chrome and search by image) shows the reality. One of them, a screen cap from a video:

    I tried this with several, and they're all obviously fake. Not only that, but if you drill into the profile of the purported commentator you find...Surprise!

    I call fake.

Anyway, you can find all this out yourself if you want. Just follow your nose and use your brain.

I could go on, but unfortunately I'm on a deadline for my real-world job. Sorry.

Be careful out there folks. Bad people want easy money. Don't give it away!


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