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RE: 20 000 FREE DENTACOIN Airdrop SCAM - 1 April 2018

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Yea this is true I dont think Dentacoin came up with this Telegram Airdrop because this evening when I was going through my Telegram message I figured the bot asked for my private key. And I also know no genuine campaign project will demand for my private key. I will be doomed if i did send my private key.
We should be careful especially newbies who dont know their left from their right.
When in doubt leave it and ask questions, continue after verification.
If you dont get a clear response don't proceed. In this system your little mistake clears your hard earned money in a jiffy.
Your 'watchword' should be 'caution'.saved for steemit post.png


If Telegram can't halt them, we need to reach as many people as we can because people's investment will go down the drain. This is really bad, taking from people what they worked hard to get.
That to me is not wealth, riches, smartness and absolutely not healthy too.

100% agree with you! We need to make sure we warn as many people as possible very early we won’t be able to stop everyone from losing money to these scams but we can at least limit the amount of reach and money they earn by exposing them as soon as possible

They were also asking people to send ETH to a certain address! I’ve tried reporting their group to telegram but I don’t think it’s helped maybe if more people do it could help