▲ ▴ Steem.Camp¹ → Walk the park → It will be BIG!

in sc2018 •  6 months ago


Our camping site comes with lots of photo ops - can't wait to see this monster truck being populated by some fellow steemians!

22nd - 26th of August 2018

at Freizeitpark "Vulkan" in Nieder-Moos im Vogelsberg near Fulda.

Wednesday to Sunday. Four nights, of community-organized steem creativity camp. Come with your tent, your bus, or just a sleeping bag and stay in one of four Tipis.




*limited supply at our Discord

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@steem.camp, I gave you an upvote on your post!

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wao this giant monster truck i wish to ride this , i know this is really gonna fun : )


bindash (osm)(nice) modifide jeep world of this butyfuĺl

Disfrutar un paseo en esos monstruos macanicos debe ser una experiencia unica @steem.camp