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In the activation of our children's dining room "Bread From Heaven" was a day of great sadness because two of our children from the hospital center (4 and 9 years old, a girl and a boy) have gone to heaven. It is very hard to see the children leave. people we love, especially without angels, are those special beings that illuminate your life with their light. Before continuing this message, we would like to thank all of our community's hearts, who have collaborated with this project, knowing that most of us would like to do more, today, in such an insensitive world, we can still count on the solidarity of spirits noble.

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Personally I can not help but thank God first for allowing me to do something, even if it seems insignificant, for these children, @sirknight, because you injected me with courage to start this work, today I can feel that life has a reason to be, that when someone he leaves, the only thing that remains is the satisfaction of knowing that we were there.
@pennsif, noble man who has helped us without condition from the first moment that we embarked on this difficult task.
The great @fundition team that in these difficult times have supported us in this life project.

It seems that it was yesterday, when we started with this beautiful work, even in the midst of pain we can not stop, because the love and the time we give to people is what has value in our life, now more than ever we have to work for our country, it does not matter if it is little or if it is a lot, God will add everything that is needed.

From Steemchurch Venezuela we pray for strength to their relatives, may God be, giving the necessary strength to continue in the midst of pain, we do not lose anyone, the one who dies physically just passed us because we all go there. Also the best of them, love, will continue in our hearts.

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We prepare the children lentil croquettes in white sauce and juices.In addition, they received Christian values classes.

Each one must give according to what he has decided in his heart, not with reluctance or obligation, because God loves the one who gives with joy. Each one gives as he proposed in his heart: not with sadness, nor out of necessity, because God loves the cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9: 7

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Shooting stars shine bright and are gone in an instant. They bring joy however to all those who lay eyes on them.

These two children will be be missed by you D and all those who knew them. In Heaven they shall wait for the rest of us and on Earth they shall not be forgotten.

You are doing amazing work on behalf of the people of Venezuela Sister. You too, are a star.


Thank you for your words @sirknight, sometimes I would like to light more, but our light has a limit and it is heaven, there, only the powerful God has the last word. You are also a very important part of this story. God will reward you .

No reward necessary D.

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In all you're more than conqueror. Thank you for fighting the good fight. Am sure God is happy and the soul is received in heaven. God comforts you.

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How hard it is to face these moments, God gives us strength to all, and as you said Darlenys, I also thank you @sirknight, @pennsif, because maybe they do not see it but they have given us the opportunity that our lives serve to console , and to be there at the moment of suffering, to pray and cry with those who mourn, those children have blessed us in a special way.

Thanks my warmate @mariela..

Children deserve everything we can do for them, in the midst of pain we know they are with God, let's work together to give our children a decent quality of life, thank you @darlenys01 for your sensitivity.

When we know that what we do is to bless others, life, work, everything has meaning and a reason to be. Thank you @xiore because I know you do not like the applause of the people, but the applause of Christ, your hands are given to sustain the work of God here on this earth.

The pain is inevitable @darlenys01, today we cry but we have the dildo that collects our tears, God of strength to the relatives of these children.

God bless you sister for such an excellent job for these children who need it so much with this difficult situation that venezuela is going through.

Without a doubt a very sad day Darlenys, how much we need God.

Everything in the hands of God @xioran, even our hearts.

greetings sister darlenys God bless you congratulations is a very beautiful job you are doing with these children thank you.

thanks @amis24vi.

It hurts us a lot @darlenys01, I've been there working with these children and seeing them leaving is very hard.

the peace of God dwell in each heart of these children and especially of you sister God bless your desire to work.

Amen, thanks @angelystovar.

The God of all consolation comforts us the soul and the spirit before the calamities of life.


What a sadness, that the Lord comforts us, and his relatives, I send my prayers for all those who are sick.

Those of us who have children are broken by this suffering.

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I know that your desire is to make more @darlenys01, but God will give you all the tools, very sad, but strength for all.

¡How sad this realit!
God comfort your relatives and give you the peace you need in the midst of pain.
@darlenys01, I know of the dedication and desire that you have for this project, I'm sure you would like to do more, when the circumstances are out of your hands, but I'm also sure that God will put great things in you, according to your heart's desire .
God bless you and bless bread from heaven.

How sad @darlenys01. God comfort your relatives and to bless you in this journey that God put in your heart to continue supporting these children who need everyone.

God of strength to each one of us, families to all we have so many moments of struggle.

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