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The worst thing that can happen to a child of God is to think that he has nothing to change, and to ignore that there are areas in his life that are incomplete and that require transformation. Now, there are many things that people want to change outside, but what is not changing outside is the result of no change being generated inside.

The changes that the Lord really makes in the heart of man do not come unless there is an important spiritual action, it is when a spiritual break is made that changes can be established in our life. God is inviting us to pray, and the worst that can happen is that the anointing comes without a prayer seat. The anointing will come like a rain, but the prayer is the one that makes it deposit so that it stays.

We must allow ourselves to be changed by the Word of God and by his Holy Spirit, we are at a time when we must tire of stagnation and see the same things in our life, home, and country. It is necessary to understand that there is a God who can bring an experience that breaks the cycle of comforts and conformisms. But, everything begins with an encounter with God.

Genesis 32: 22-30: "And he arose that night, and took his two wives, and his two handmaids, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford of the Jabbok. He took them, then, and passed the brook to them and to everything he had. That's how Jacob stayed alone; and a man fought with him until daybreak. And when the man saw that he could not with him, he touched the place of the lace of his thigh, and dislocated the thigh of Jacob while he fought with him. And he said: Leave me, because the dawn is striking. And Jacob answered him: I will not leave you, if you do not bless me. And the man said to him, What is your name? And he replied: Jacob. And the man said to him, Your name shall not be called Jacob, but Israel; because you have fought with God and with men, and you have won. Then Jacob asked him, and said: Tell me now your name. And the man answered: Why do you ask me for my name? And he blessed it there. And Jacob called the name of that place, Peniel; for he said: I saw God face to face, and my soul was delivered. "

God wants to bless us, but we have to fight, that is, to be insistent so that this blessing comes to our lives. We will not conquer if we make a sporadic and empty prayer, it is necessary to fight, we need more than a message, it is indispensable prayer, fasting, separation and intimacy with the Father. We have to mess with God if we want real change. Let's not let go of the prayer until we receive the blessing.

We have to fight for an encounter that changes the name, the past, the marks and labels left by yesterday, because a new time has come for our lives, a different destiny. The inheritance and the land are in the power of a change that we must fight.


Biblical text, "Bible in his presence translated into Spanish 1960"


Life is a constant change, every day we change clothes, we change work, school, friendships, as we grow, our way of thinking changes.

The human being has an incredible capacity for adaptation, we see how technology changes, we adapt to it and to new social phenomena with ease.

When we reach the feet of Christ a significant change occurs in our lives, we pass from death to life (John 5:24, 6,47, 1 John 3:14).

"And no one puts new wine into old wineskins, because then the wine will break the wineskin, and the wine and the wineskins are lost; but new wine is poured into new wineskins. "Jesus.

What are those changes that you have always wanted to happen in your life? I am sure that most of us have that desire to change, change their financial situation, change careers or work, change relationships, habits or even change the CD of bad thoughts, low self-esteem, insecurity and of the distrust that there is in your life. We all have that desire for change and those who believe they can do it alone are frustrated because they can not do it. I believe that the change comes from God and it is He who produces and initiates the change.

"Nobody bathes twice in the same river." Heraclitus

Ask yourself, Am I ready for the changes that will come?
Many want changes but they do not prepare, they think that if God wants to change them, He can do it. Of course He can do it, but he does not do it because it is a choice that touches you and it is your responsibility to assume it. He produces wanting as doing, this tells me that I must do something about it, that is, I have my part in the change. And before doing anything, we have to prepare ourselves.

Most of us want something, but we really do not know why we want it. I illustrate it to you in the following way: Most of us think that we want a house, but what we really want is "comfort" or there are others that look for "security". When you get a powerful reason, be sure that the change comes.

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every day we must awaken with the firm disposition to change every area of ​​our life that does not honor God and that does not allow us to move forward.

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