The Reserved Stock of God’s Joy

Psa 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.


When making wine, wine makers will, now and then produce a batch of wine that is much better than the rest. The taste, the bouquet of this wine is determined to be better than the rest. It is usually bottled specially, labeled “Reserved Stock” and sold for a higher price.

You have to pay extra for this Reserved Stock Wine.

Wine in the Bible represents the product of the Holy Spirit, specifically to the Joy of the Lord. The fruit of the Spirit Love, Joy....

I took this photo in the Philippines with my Huawei Nova 2i

Many use this verse to believe for and prosper themselves. Sowing just to get something in return. The part that makes me think this is a misuse of the Word of God is the context of the verse and the fact you are sowing in tears. The harvest that really matters is one of Infinite return as people, as a result of our tears and prayer, we sow the Word of God. The Gospel message, the preaching of the Year of the Lord’s favor. The time of the free gift of salvation by faith in the finished Work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Golgotha.

The Great Commission not the Great Suggestion

If you are born again, you have a part of the Great Commission and this is not optional. We receive the joy of the Lord as our own sins are forgiven and by the knowing that we are now the children of God. But to enjoy this “Reserved Stock” of the Joy of the Lord, one must become part of the salvation of others. People in your family, your neighbors, your countrymen and even strangers, people of different religions.

There comes a burden, tears, lament over the lost.

The eternal fate of other people become more important than our own comfort, our sleep, our money, our time. More important than our hobbies and even more important than our own life.. Our true joy is to please the Father, Honor the Name of Jesus Christ and to see a harvest of souls come into the Kingdom

Hearing from God “Well dome thou good and faithful servant”

The Reserved stock of the wine of heaven, reserved for the soul winner. Reserved for those who weep for the lost.


From the heart of this Missionary
Daddy William



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I really recognize this heart of a Missionary
Daddy William!

..But to enjoy this “Reserved Stock” of the Joy of the Lord, one must become part of the salvation of others. People in your family, your neighbors, your countrymen and even strangers, people of different religions.

That’s the deal in our kingdom of light!

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Amen dear brother! Thank you for your comments! God bless!

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