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I welcome you back to another series on the topic "LIGHT". Yes i define the what light and how individual can walk in light but today, I will be sharing with everyone another aspect about light as God will help us.


Those who are still fulfiling the lust of flesh are full of darkness. Until Jesus come into your life and have dominion. You cannot live a peaceful life if Jesus did not come into your life.

saul never live a meaningful life until Jesus shine His light upon him, before Jesus dominate his life, his life was full of dirty because darkness was dominating his life. Act 9vs4-6

Naturally the world is full of darkness and that is why God gave us His son to come and die for us. And it is only those who give him access in there life that will be save. Those who are still fulfiling the lust of flesh are full of darkness, until Jesus come into ur life have dominion.

So many of claim Jesus is in their life but dont know him and we cannot make our stand for him. When the light enters paul he surrender all, he make his stand for him. We claim we love Jesus how many of can say if i die die. Some of us drkness is still taking part of our life.

Devil is still teaching you what to do. We dont know the value of the light given to us and that is why we still fall into darkness. We give God half and give devil half, when we see something that offend us we will drop Jesus and put on devil. Some of us claim we love God if they put gun in our neck and ur life or Jesus how many of us can choose JESUS.


  1. Light refresh your life

  2. It renovate ur life

  3. It gives u authority

My dear brethren in the Lord, do all you can to stay in the light, because outside of Christ it's darkness and horror.

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