Covenant day of exemption : Walking in dominion by engaging the access to divine major

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Everything in life, including the word began with the word john 1:1, both the natural world and the supernatural world are both made by the word of God, we are assign to work in this world through God's words, if we must operate in this world, working in dominion, we must require God's word. We can't work in dominion without working in God's word. Luke 5:1 you will understand that access to the word is accessible to dominion, a man of the word is a man of authority, by the word all things were made, the solution of all the troubles in the world is enlisted in the word.


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What is in the word? The word of God infuses divine nature into man which empower him to work in dominion, the word of God that comes into you is what turns you into a god in that situation, God has empowered you to work in dominion regarding your situation through his word. 2 Peter 1:3

We are all partakers of the nature of God, the devil doesn't want you to know the truth because the revelation of the truth is a threat to the devil, when we share this truth, the devil will want us to see it as blackmail, everything goes out of course when we lack the information of what and who we are, we children of God.

You should believe the word, it might to viewed as heresy act 24:14 but in it you have that light to your dominion, the Bible made it vivid to us that we are god, we are child of God, you can't call the offspring of a goat a dog, we are God's offspring so we are his children. John 5:18 , the devil doesn't want you to know the truth.

How do i access this truth and enjoy this divine dominion?

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  • By developing yourself spiritually, this is a vital key for attaining dominion Galatians 4:1-4, for as long a son remains a Child, it's not different from his father, our depth in the word is what define our level of dominion, the devil uses the dream for deceiving.

Job 3:25 (KJV) For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

  • The devil goes about trying to put fear in our heart and when he succeeds, we becomes vulnerable to him, the first thing to attain victory is to do away with fear. People are destroy from lack of knowledge, speak the word and avert yourself from any exemption. By covenant, you aren't permitted to suffer what the world surfers.

  • Stay in love with Christ, those that loves God, will enjoy God's exemption, the things that God has prepared, for his provision are meant for those who love him. Develop the mentality of exemption, when others says they can't, say to yourself that you can. For as a man thinketh in his heart so he is, work in the world of exemption, speak positivity and stay blessed.


Nice write up.
Any links to WCI? 😃

What's WCI?

Winners Chapel Intl

Wow, you are a winner? I'm glad to meet a brother here.

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