This One Is For The Big Guys On Steemit.

in sbg •  4 months ago

The big guy trend is all over and I have had fun laughing at different memes there are to see. So I thought, why not join in the fun. Hope you laugh to your heart content.
Here you go...enjoy!

Meme 1


Meme 2


Meme 3


Please join in the fun, let us laugh together.

Maximum MEME permitted is three and should be in one post.

Use the tags, Nigeria, sbg,bigwaves and any other tag of your choice.

Drop the link to your post as a comment on TGIF with @jeaniepearl

Include the rules to the trend challenge on your post so everyone will do it right

Brought to you by @fisteganos and other BIG GUYS

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so hilarious


I am glad i made you laugh