⚠ Big SBD Giveaway! [↻70%]

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Being not so long time on Steemit we, me and my sweetheart, found this blockchain social network as a respectful platform which can help us bring in life all ecological projects, we've already collected in our family' idea-bank!

And we decided to start from the bringing here on Steemit the major principal of ecological existence: after us should remain better than before!


So in order to bring more community attention to eco-activities and to rise the popularity of eco-life we are going to share up to 50-70% from the received sbd.
The percentage of the reimbursement will be mentioned in the each published post!

Return from this post will be 70% of the cost of your voice!

As soon the earned costs of the post will be recieved, we will start reimburse to all engaged steemians, who voted for this post by more than 0.001 SBD (the minimal quantity for transactions).
The only exception - paid upvote services, which feels well enough and without our support.
(boosters, support projects, bots...)

Look for our posts under the tag #sbdgiveaway

Join us! Vote for the ecology and get the symbiotic reimbursement back!

Follow the @Ukrainian.Trail, and learn about interesting content from newest Ukrainian authors!

Join us to the "Ukraine SteemOn" discord server


Hello @dimarss
We have given you our still tinnie-winnie upvote!
You have been determined by a human @dimarss to be possessing of special gem. Do join the #untalented family!

Abolishing the conditioning attached to IQ tests e.g smart, dull, bum, average and you suddenly give every human a chance to shine!

So e.g if Bill Gates did Microsoft and i can do Macro-hard, arent we both genius? Oh, we both are! Showcase your talents regardless of its nature freely with us in #untalented. Relegate all reservations as flaws are allowed and we sift even the so-called nonsense to find sense therein.

#untalented is an ongoing historical curriculum with initiatives/contests, where each participant wins something. No losers! It is also a core branch of #steemgigs, so please join the SteemGigs community on discord already containing around 700 gifted steemian family members. See this URL for more info


and also this URL for the discord community


If you want to vote a witness, you can vote steemgigs too. Simply go to


and type steemgigs into the first search box. Stay awesome!

Just incase you find any level or form of gifts, talents, attempts at out-of-the-boxness, or any steemian low in confidence about their abilities, worth, etc; please don't let it slip emptily by.

Kindly call on me! Simply reply to any such post and add @steem-untalented or #untalented to your reply and i will be there to upvote, acknowledge, strengthen and encourage them.


Welcome back!

)) Thank you)

This is a nice initiative. upvoted


wait for thanks in seven days;)


Дрyзья, а дaвaйте в поддeржкy вырaзим дружнo наше отношение к этому пoсту...

Great to meet you!

Blessed you more with your kindness and humility @dimarss

Поддержала + подписка, но силы мои слабые...

Спасибо @maria86!
Все еще впереди)

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Класс, самое главное теперь хэштег в закладки добавить #sbdgiveaway

В поиск по тегам не попадают посы дешевле трех баксов! На стимите поиск по тэгу неэффективен(( учитывай это!

Привет! Сколько надо Steem Power минимально для того, что бы получать откат?

Вашей силы вполне достаточно, чтоб попасть в транзакцию
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