I am still getting SBD, why? — Steemit

I am still getting SBD, why?

in sbd •  12 days ago

So we have broken the peg, which means we are above 10% debt ratio, but are still printing SBD?

I am still being rewarded with SBD. My understanding was that printing would stop when the peg is broken? or are we bouncing around 9% and 10% so much that sometimes I still get some SBD?

I am still confused how this works?

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I have also been watching this as I have been surprised at a little SBD dusting coming as rewards. I think that the SBD conversion process is serving its purposes to reduce the SBD outstanding as I believe that over 3 million have been burnt. Given the slight increase in Steem price, we could be borderline the debt ratio.

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We need about 0.405 on the STEEM price now, down from about 0.415 when the limit was hit. Unfortunately, the STEEM price is going in the other direction.

I saw that I got a very small amount of rewards in SBD. It could be that we were very close to the threshold and that when the price spiked, it pushed us back under 10% by a little thereby causing small amounts of SBD to be printed. Now that we're back over the threshold, the SBD seems to be gone again.


Its a bug. SBD is still printing at 1%.

I am also curious about this. In the last couple of days I only got STEEM and SP but no SBD. However, I see people getting SBD also. I think that the payout must be a little bit higher in order to get SBDs too. I only saw it when posts received more than 1$ in upvotes.

I never understood why we need to get two cryptos in the first place. It is just time taking converting SBD to STEEM and I think this also burns quite a lot of resources in the blockchain.

I really hope you were the only one with that bug, because, although it is a small amount, if it is broken then we might have a technical problem on our hands.

Me personally, I haven't received SBD from post´s payouts for a long time.

I have read through the discussions through this link; https://github.com/steemit/steem/issues/3184 provided by @timcliff in his comment above and I think the explanations were quite clear. Nothing more to add.

I'm also getting some SBD, I think it fluctuates between 9 and 10.

I'm getting a tiny bit too every day, in the .001-.004 range I'm still heading towards that elusive 500sp slider. 👍