Steem reward manager update, power down fixes and convert sbd option

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Hello ! I

t's been a while since I've actually made modifications to that tool, but some changes needed to be made, so here we are.

If you're not familiar with it, I encourage you to check out my profile, there are quite a few posts about it, but long story short, it's a tool to allow you to easily manage your rewards and your liquid steem in general.

The idea was that it's too annoying to constantly claim rewards and do things with it (aka sell sbd) and then power it up, so I built a small tool to do that, and then we wanted more options, like what if you won't want to power up ? What if you want to power down and send the money to another account ? Etc etc.

Just a heads up, if you're not a dev, you probably won't be able to use this tool, it is designed to be ran on a server.

Anyways, so the project is open source and you can check it out here :

The current supported options are as follow (you can read a lot more on it on my previous blog posts) :

max_ratio : (number eg 1.3) maximum STEEM to SBD ratio, this is to set a hard cap to not sell sbd if it hits that limit

sell_sbd : (true/false) Whether to sell liquid sbd or not, uses max_ratio

convert_sbd : (true/false) Whether to convert liquid sbd or not

liquid_action :(put_in_savings/powerup) what to do with liquid STEEM, available options are : "powerup" (power it up), or "put_in_savings"

liquid_to_account :(accountname eg : "howo") it is possible to power the liquid STEEM or to put it in the savings of another account using this option

reset_power_down :(true/false) wether to reset the power down ever week or not if your steem power keeps climbing

The fix

You might need some context to understand the reset power down option, I encourage you to read this :

In the recent hard forks a rule was set so that you can't power down all your steem power if your voting power isn't at 100%, and since the steem reward manager always tried to power down all of your steem power, if you were voting, the power down reset would fail every time.

So I updated the power down in order to take into account how much voting power you have left and then power down accordingly.

Conversion update

For a long time it was more worth to sell your SBD rather than convert it, if you are unaware, converting is an option in the steem blockchain to burn your sbd in exchange for steem. But it is no longer the case, and currently since the peg to 1$ is broken, it means that we should be burning SBD to reduce the supply.

So I've added a new option to automatically convert incoming SBD.

And that's all for this update, it was a bit weird digging into codes that I made two years ago, but I'm glad that this tool can still be useful :)


So it's better to collect steem dollars then power currently?

Not exactly, I think it's better to get steem and power it up, hence why I made tools to automatically get steem for my sbd.

I'm still learning the ins and outs and thanks for the info.. I'll be a whale in no time. Lol

A tool to automagically claim rewards? More people needs to know about this!

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