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RE: STEEM Dollar (SBD) Readying to EXPLODE!! Target $21.95 or higher

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What with Steem and SBD both on a run there are definitely exciting times ahead. I'm thinking of buying into Steem and powering up, but if SBD is due to explode like this I am having second thoughts. It may be a better idea to buy and hold SBD. Decisions


Use your steem to purchase upvotes from bidbots. Use this page to figure out which bot and how much to bid, then in 7 days you should get paid out as much or more sbd as you put in + free SP to go along with it. I have built my account from around $350 to appx $5000 in the last 45 days or so using this method.

This may well work, Ill take a look at it. I don't really like bid bots although I have used them in the past. In my view all bots (upvoters and flaggers) undermine the entire concept of curation and rewarding good content. But when in Rome....

View it at part of the free market. It's the beauty of Steemit really in my opinion. A community that organizes its own solutions.

Like you, I don't like them either and have not and don't plan on using, but I'm judging anyone that does. It just seems like cheating...

Steemit is sold as a place where the best content will rise to the top. But if you can buy a massive vote for yourself to increase your reputation and the posts visibility as well as the amount it earns, that has to be against the concept of ‘the best content being rewarded’. I see no real justification for bots. Popular posters have hundreds of dollars worth of upvotes within seconds of posting when no one has read the post. Surely that shouldn’t happen?

Just look at it like advertising. If you produce good content, your advertising will be more effective. If you pump up content few people are interested in (good or not), you'll enjoy fewer rewards. Hopefully, when they add in communities, bloggers will have a chance to get more attention for niche content.

Bots only do what they are programmed to do by humans.

Agreed but they are set to constantly upvote certain users without any human interaction. That does not allow the best articles to rise to the top. It simply creates momentum on certain posters who can then post anything and still receive hundreds of dollars. As long as boys are active (both bid bots and general upvote bots etc) curation will not be fulfilling it’s stated aim.

Any thing bots can do humans can do slower. The problem is not bots.

I agree that humans could do what bits do but it is far more difficult. If Steemit is going to claim that the best content is promoted and receives the best rewards, bots are a problem not a solution.

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