Research in progress (Part 3)

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This time I have made a simple table which calculates the % of SBD/STEEM that should be printed.

I think I'll need a few more calculations to conclude this spreadsheet. It is not going to be a sophisticated thing however I hope that it becomes good enough to have a full picture of the landscape.



Big effort brother, go ahead very useful what you do.

Thank you very much for the delegation of power. Now I will be able to increase the vote for the comments and post. I am really very grateful.

By the way, what is this Excel sheet for? What do you calculate with it? How does a post get its reward?

Hi jadams2k18!

The spreadsheet is to calculate the % of SBD/STEEm that is printed (created). for example, there are $5000 to be distributed as rewards: 50% is distributed as SP and the remaining 50% is distributed as STeem or SBD, depending on the debt ratio.

As far as I know, post's rewards depend on votes and the weight of the vote. You get 50% as SP and the remaining 50% as SBD or STEEM as mentioned above.

Rewards come from inflation

How so? And excuse the questioner.

Every time a block is created, steem is created too. New steem are distributed to witnesses, authors and curators (or bots, jajaa)

I see, so that's how STEEMs are born.

I've never really been interested in knowing where they came from til now

This is from the blue paper:

The rate that new tokens are generated was set to 9.5% per year starting in December 2016,
and decreases at a rate of 0.01% every 250,000 blocks, or about 0.5% per year. The inflation
will continue decreasing at this rate until it reaches 0.95%, after a period of approximately 20.5
Of the supply of new tokens created by the Steem blockchain every year, 75% of those tokens
compose the “rewards pool” which are distributed to content creators and content curators.
15% are distributed to vested token holders, and 10% are distributed to Witnesses, the block
producers cooperating inside Steem’s DPoS consensus protocol.

This means that there is a fixed amount of STEEM to be created up to 20 years from now. And most of it is for rewards. Nice!

You get 50% as SP and the remaining 50% as SBD or STEEM as mentioned above.

I can usually see it before the 7 days are up, but in the end you get less than you expect.

The amount that you see is an estimation in terms of SBD and changes daily.

No wonder there's so much difference between reality and what's estimated

I think i made a mistake. According to this article, what you see in your post is not SBD but STU (Steem tokens units). There is detailed explanation in that post.