Steem Dollars to the Moon!

in sbd •  11 months ago

This morning I was checking out the prices of my favorite cryptocurrencies on, and I did a double take when I saw Steem Dollars just went up 60% overnight!


This has been the greatest year for Cryptocurrency in general, and the best is yet to come! Bitcoin has exceeded my expectations, and now it looks like it is time for Steem Dollars and Steem too! Bitcoin blew past my price target of $6000 from earlier this year, and there are no signs of it stopping any time soon! My number one investment advice from here until the moon is to buy Bitcoin and save over time. This year I have been blogging about GBTC, and as of right now Bitcoin on the stock Market is very close to $10,000 a piece, which is the next price target for Bitcoin to Blow through!

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It's amazing. I caught it when SBD was @ $2.00 and I sold every penny of SBD I had... which was about $1.00 Whoo hoo! Big win for me. @ironshield


Wow, I must have woken up late today!


It's still an awesome deal. @ironshield

When I knew About this news, I actually sold all steem dolar I have, I really happy @coininstant


I am not selling a single SBD any time soon! I imagine they are going over $1000 each one day in the not so distant future! However sounds like you made a good trade since now you can get back more than you sold!

as yuo said this year is one of the best year of my crypto investments as well! And after all I have found Steem and I think it's one of the best and worthy investment of mine as well too! Great update from you again!


@coininstant - Sir SBD was at around $3 today (16 hrs ago) Huge market pump happened today Sir....
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good information,,thanks for sharing

Best time to convert SBD to Steem or BTC & Buy back when pump drops. Excellent market news~

a big steem day today. sbd made a historical move & you figured it well. impressive work @coininstant


Hello @coininstant,

Extraordinary good article about your crypto investment experiences. Nice to hear that you made a decent profit in this year. Good luck for your crypto journey.


Agreed. But I think like me small investor already missed the opportunity to invest in BTC.


Nope, Bitcoin is the right place for the small investor considering you can buy any amount. Just buy little bits at a time, you will be amazed at how much faster you will save and you will realize every penny in Bitcoin is worth it!


ok dear. its great and helpful suggestion.

wow, steem on steem,

'Steem Dollars to the Moon'
That means Steem is going to the moon as well. Nice market analysis & excellent article about it.

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Exceptional article with useful Steem Dollar market news...!!!

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Nice information and good update. nice price for sbd
For your post propagation.

Thanks for the info. resteem

I seen steem dollar price pumping before late hours over $2 between $2.50.
Thats huge rise up level I have never seen when I come to this platform. This time better for exchange or trading. Great cryptocurrency updating @coininstant.

steem dollar seems yesterday massive rise up. It looks like rocket going to moon. massive market capitalization. Steem dollars buyers are willing to pay more. Thank you for update SBD.

Thank you for sharing huge cryptocurrency news update for us @coininstant. Great assistance for us.
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Hey I think now this will be the turn of the steeem to go rise and be the leader of market.

Great works,,,,,,
Thanks for this information..........///////////

good information i am going to sold all sbd

yes , it's been a great day for all, and hope Steem will go high in next year

It might even cross 1000 mark this December and grow up in the coming year .Yep was happy to see the rise on both SBD and Steem :)

Thanks for nice information! Sbd top

amazing post sir !!!
what exactly is the effect of marketcap on a coin?

Don't your sell of all your SBD..Because is still on going to the real moon 😁

SBD going to the next galaxy :D

price steem very low sir....

it was at $2.19 i was stunned too :D