Nations League bets

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Betting wise the month didn't have a great start, at the moment I do have a loss of 5.55 units, representing a negative ROI of -74%. So it is time to turn things around.

International break

I was doubting about betting on the Nations League but the odds are too juicy to stay away from. Just like I did expect lots of odds could be found where in the 1X2 market, all odds are above 2!
These games are difficult to predict but if you do hit some, it could be a blast!

Initially I was planning also to bet on Germany vs France, but then an over 2.5. But I will stay away from this one. If France will play like they did win the world cup, I do expect to many goals of them. Germany, now has Sane in the squad, so they will have some more dynamic! But this game is too close to call for me.

My bets

September 6, 2018Slovenia -113.6PendingUnibet
September 6, 2018Czech Republic ML12.426PendingNitrogen
September 6, 2018Wales -113.203PendingNitrogen
September 6, 2018Kazachstan12.644PendingNitrogen

September 2018

Sep 1, 2018Lucky151.5??LostUnibet
Sep 1, 2018St Truiden11.95WonUnibet
Sep 1,
Sep 1, 2018Everton Over
Sep 1, 2018West
Sep 1, 2018Standard
Sep 1, 2018Crystal Palace

Good luck,

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Quite risky to go for the handicaps, but looks good. With only 50% right tips you could make a good profit already.
Good luck!


That is the idea behind it. 2 our of 4 would do the trick!
I am hoping on a homerun of course, which could wipe out the early losses of the month!
But let's not get carried away and see what will happen!

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Great bets. To be honest i have no idea about handicaps.
In your bets i am putting 1.5 over goals fourfold and single wins.
Good luck punters


Good luck with it!
The Handicap let's a team starts with a 1 goal disadvantage. If they win with 1-0, than the bet is refunded. If they win with a 2 goal difference it is won. If they draw or loose it is lost!
Only playing it since this season!


aha now thats interesting way to bet. i am going to try this. many thanks
I have have a separate bet on France, Wales and Norway to win treble


what nice games were today put nice 1.5 over goals on your bets
Damn France and Germany were really useless or it was pure fixed hahaaha. Both could have scored easily. Its just a start more exciting games yet to come.
p.s you were right about League D hmm very less scoring.

hello @fullcoverbetting this is my Contest, it's easy. i would be happy if you wantes to partecipate.