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RE: McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy | Join "SBC Fantasy League" to Win upto 13SBD

My league name is econom1st.

It looks like there are now 55 participants on the fifa website. But I only see 48 comments for this post. Did not everyone wrote a comment with their name? Or is there another post?

How can I become a white list member?


Yeah there are some people who joined but didn't comment. Those user who didn't comment won't be eligible for the rewards.

visit the discord channel: of SBC, and if you post about sports related post, you will be whitelisted.

Good luck with the contest.

I thought SBC was about Steem betting community?

Anyways in both cases it is kind of an issue because I barely write any posts about these subjects. I do follow at least one of the SBC members.

It is. But lets say that we don't have a real hard requirement!
But currently we do take a look at past blog postings to see, if the blog is at least sports related! We did have to many abusers in the past weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, :)

Yes, as @fullcoverbetting explained, you need to have passion and should post sports related stuff in your blog to be the member of SBC.