SBC League Results (August 2018)

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August 31, 2018Finn Harps81.76WonMarathonbet
August 30, 2018Astana81.89WonMarathonbet
August 29, 2018Yokohama F-Marinos Over 2.581.71WonMarathonbet
August 28, 2018Ajaccio62.56LostMarathonbet
August 28, 2018Ajax Over 2.581.79LostMarathonbet
August 27, 2018Universitatea Craiova81.71WonMarathonbet
August 26, 2018Ostersunds (-1.5)82.92LostMarathonbet
August 26, 2018Sarpsborg 0881.93LostMarathonbet
August 26, 2018Genoa82.07WonMarathonbet
August 26, 2018Sevilla71.88LostMarathonbet
August 25, 2018Benfica81.86LostMarathonbet
August 25, 2018Clyde 1-563.46LostMarathonbet
August 25, 2018Zaragoza 1-574.95LostMarathonbet
August 24, 2018Malaga 1-563.45LostMarathonbet
August 23, 2018Gent72.43LostMarathonbet
August 23, 2018Ljubljana -1.584.50LostMarathonbet
August 22, 2018Suwon Bluewings (-1.5)64.55VoidMarathonbet
August 22, 2018Blackburn -1,583.10LostMarathonbet
August 21, 2018QPR AH 0:081.79LostMarathonbet
August 20, 2018Dortmund -1.581.89LostMarathonbet
August 19, 2018Marseille-1.582.76LostMarathonbet
August 18, 2018Elche -1.565.55LostMarathonbet
August 18, 2018Lazio Over 2.591.78WonMarathonbet
August 17, 2018Girona81.80LostMarathonbet
August 17, 2018Sirius71.85LostMarathonbet
August 16, 2018APOEL71.86WonMarathonbet
August 15, 2018Kawasaki Frontale81.55LostMarathonbet
August 15, 2018Munoz-De La Nava71.80LostMarathonbet
August 14, 2018MK Dons81.69WonMarathonbet
August 14, 2018Leeds Over 2.581.76WonMarathonbet
August 14, 2018Orleans92.07LostMarathonbet
August 13, 2018Koln81.70LostMarathonbet
August 12, 2018Aalborg72.26WonMarathonbet
August 11, 2018Middlesbrough Over 2.582.46LostMarathonbet
August 11, 2018Cliftonville72.86LostMarathonbet
August 10, 2018Grenoble82.14WonMarathonbet
August 09, 2018Bordeaux 2.582.23WonMarathonbet
August 08, 2018Celtic Over 2.582.40LostMarathonbet
August 07, 2018WBA Over 2.572.23LostMarathonbet
August 06, 2018Cracovia62.17LostMarathonbet
August 05, 2018Hibernian71.73WonMarathonbet
August 04, 2018Wigan Athletic (-1)73.46VoidMarathonbet
August 03, 2018Hamburger81.79LostMarathonbet
August 02, 2018AEK Larnaca81.71WonMarathonbet
August 01, 2018Kashima Antlers AH 061.77LostMarathonbet
August 20184514262324-107,31-33,12%
July 20183210220236-91.77-38,8%
June 201820103791+26.25+28.8%

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Sbc league which country game sir
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