Steemits "Animated Violence" Hip Hop Mix tape Competition. Enter in to win $$ for spitting Verses Cypher Style.

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The What
Each week I will be releasing 1 beat from the Animated Violence Beat Tape for emcee's to write and record to. With beats also provided from @seveaux & @ty2nicerva.


Getting Involved in the Cypher Game
Its very simple. Listen to the beat, see if you can spit some hot fire to it and then record. The best verses from each week will be selected and rewarded with some $$. So make sure you bring your F to A+ game.
After the competition is complete, all the winning verse will be compiled to make: The Steemit Community Animated Violence Mixtape Vol #1.

When & Really how to enter
The competition starts now with these 2 beats.
Step 1 - Make a post with the phrase Animated Violence Mixtape Entry in the title somewhere.( Include your verse Audio & written ) Use the tag SAVM( Steemit Animated Violence Mixtape ).
Step 2 - Post it.
Step 3 - Post a link to your post in the comment section below.
Secret Step - reach out to @sirlunchthehost via discord @ sirlunchthehost.

And then wait til the week is up to see who won.

1 Entry per Beat.
No biting or Style Cramping.
Verses must be Blockchain,Steemit, Crypto Currency related
Verses must be at least 30 Seconds.


Those emcee's will be disqualified. haha Sorry.

Artist will have 7 days to enter their verses in after the beat drops. Some late exceptions might be made.

The Prize/Reward for spitting fire will be based on the content provided by artist that week.

The better the content the better the Prize Money.

Strive for:
or Q.U.I.T. for short.

Prize $$ will range from $20.00 USD to $300.00 USD for a verse. ( At the time of payment Prize money amount will be discussed and negotiated to suit both parties )

Well I think thats pretty much it. Unless I see some nonsense pop up somewhere. So with that said Happy rhyming and may the hottest artist claim the $$.

If you have any questions or concerns drop them in the comment section below! With that being said here are This weeks Starters.

Track One: Inter the Wei.

Track Two: H4RT

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Hey bro,

You know I had to jump in on the cypher, so glad that I did too. This was fun and you produced some blazing beats

i so hope all of a sudden a kind of fight animated video appears under the tracks :D can we expect that sirlunch ? I think we will right :p dope concept man dope full support


Hahaha, I might do some videos, that would be fun.

This is dope! Great initiative @sirlunchthehost! Hip Hop community is definitely growing here on Steemit.


Word, just doing my small part to help it!


We were thinking of a way to connect all the initiatives going on for Hip Hop on Steemit and came up with Hip Hop The Blockchain. Would love to include #savm!


I'm down! We should connect on or discord.


vandigital#6697 I'm on discord!

Interesting idea. Looking forward to the submissions and the mixtape in the end

Very nice. I dig it, will hopefully drop something tomorrow! Is there any max to how long a verse can be?


Nope. Spit til your hearts content!

Saya kurang mengerti ini

This is raw... Lets get it


Gotta get it while the gettin is good right?


right right.. hope i get time to scribe a verse before the deadline

Wow. so beautiful your art i like your post. i wait for your next post carry on your life . all the best @bijoy123

woow awasome bro! can i participate in spanish?


Sure can! Just be sure to provide a translation with the lyrics.


Sure, I always use subtitles with an interpretation in english of the lyrics. Thank you very much, soon I bring my entry!!!

Great contest.
Wish I knew how to spit 'em lines

Thanks for putting this on, this concept is dope and these beats were made for spittin!

Lit! I’m in haha!

Which #track is by @ty2nicerva ?

I’d like to attempt a song 🔜


Both are by me. tracks by @ty2nicerva and @seveaux coming soon.

I will not have the space to get on this one!! I look forward to the next one and good luck to everyone that has done one. I will attempt to look at the ones posted already!!!