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Bitconnect and Steemit are covering my daily expenses

in saving •  2 years ago 

Hi uzdc, can you explain more on how you earn such returns from Steemit?
Also, I am not familiar with Bitconnect. I just browsed their website after reading your post, but am still a bit puzzled on how you would get such a return on investment as you outline. Is it from the lending mondel?


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Hi Ronni, my returns on steemit are in single digits per day. Bitconnect, my youtube channel reviews it a bit more:

Bitconnect makes returns based on the daily volatility in bitcoin.

The average daily interest ranges from 0-1.9% atleast for my account.

When there are huge rises in the price of bitcoin, you will see very high daily returns based on the investment.

If you have further questions, I have a few tutorials on my youtube page, or I am happy discussing by email:

[email protected]