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We can probably agree my last article was more about defining what is and isn't true about Spiritual Satanism and how the Xtians ( Christians) made a bunch of stuff up and stole symbolism from other religions to convert those seeking the quick way to enlightenment, but got the short end of the stick instead..

Today we focus on the Khundalini and it's valued role in Spiritual Satanism. I will also be posting links to breathing exercises at the end of this post!! 

Let's talk about Bioelectricity and what it does first.. 

  1. Bioelectricity is your life force\Chi\Prana\Aura\spirit energy\Witch power\ETC(It goes by sooooo many names I will not name them all as I do not want to be typing all day since I have a job I have to be at in like 5 hours.) 
  2. Our bodies run on Bioelectriciry. 
  3. Our thoughts are all electrical impulses that run though the brain.this is why when working magick your thoughts need to be clear and not distracted or disturbed during your work 
  4. Since the brain runs on Bioelectricity, if the bioelectricity in the brain is unbalanced, one is likely to suffer from seizures. If you suffer from seizures the best thing for you to do is to meditate frequently and try to balance out your bioelectricity. It is also important to do frequent and daily aura cleaning to keep the bioelectricity from becoming blocked and unable to circuit in it's natural manner!!
  5. The amount of bioelectricity one has determines the physical, emotional and spiritual health!! People who are depressed are likely to have a bioelectricity deficiency!! DEPRESSION IS A SIDE EFFECT CAUSED BY LOW BIOELECTRICITY!! If you suffer from Depression your best bet may actually be to ditch the meds and switch to daily meditations to increase the bioelectricity!!
  6. Bioelectricity has an impact on your motivation, immunity to disease(in fact people with increased bioelectricity can even be immune to HIV), Charisma, gives us a more positive outlook on life, and strengthens our ability to manipulate the world around us through Quantum Manipulations with the power of affirming a single thought every day!!
  7. Here are some examples of what increased Bioelectricity can do:
  • Martial artists breaking through bricks with their fists is a fine example!

  • Dim Mak... if you practice Martial arts you may be familiar with this! Dim Mak is the deadly Marital art of inflicting light blows strategically placed on the chi ( a variant of bioelectricity) at specific times to cause delayed death which can occur either within 5 minutes or even 5 months!! 

  • When your mind  starts to panic and you feel that sudden Zap of worry in your solar plexus, or have butterflies/ fish flopping feelings in your stomach. Adrenaline rushes also are like a temporary jump start to bioelectricity!


  • Being able to suddenly lift objects that are extremely heavy that you, under normal circumstances would not be able to lift!

  • Telekenisis: Moving things with the mind. 

  • Pyrokenesis: Being able to control fire.

  • Electrokenisis: Being able to control electronic devices with your mind. 

  • Levitation. Some Martial artists actually teach and can preform this!

"... The strength of one’s bioelectricity is the foundation of all magickal success. Old spells with strange ingredients have little or nothing to do with the success of a magickal working, the success depends upon the strength of the mind and the aura [the bioelectrical field] that with proper focus and direction, will affect one's environment and others.Those known as the Gods (very powerful and advanced extra-terrestrials who have genetically modified their DNA so they don't age), have much of this very energy. Lucifer is known as "the shining one." Many of these Gods "known as Demons" are radiant with this very energy. The hieroglyphs on the walls in the Egyptian temples, tombs and inside the Egyptian Pyramids explain how important this energy is in becoming a God....


As you can see. It is most important to exercise your bioelectricity and keep it well balanced as well as rase your frequency/Vibration to manifest what it is you wish to manifest. whether that be super human powers or simply to get rid of your depression or mental/physical illnesses. 

Here is a list of very useful breathing exercises. Yes. I do them too. Please read this link before proceeding to the breathing exercises!! http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Soul_Energy.html Also Read this link before proceeding! I do not want anyone to come to harm pushing too much breath and getting more than they bargained for!http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Yogic_Breathing.html


This Concludes Spiritual Satanism pt3 Khundalini and Bioelectricity pt1 I will be writing the next part very soon!! Please stay safe and DO NOT!! push yourselves too hard practicing these breathing exercises!!

Much Love To All My Followers!!

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knew about there's damages caused for that practice of *kundalini" in the brain.(for some forum and/of extraterrestrial advice, yes stellar humans of fraternal waypositives to the humanity are advanced in that senses).....and as well , I am agree about our bioelectrical body


The only damages you can experience from awakening your Khundalini is if you do not pace yourself and decide to just go at it full force with our preparing yourself with breathing exercises. These breathing exercises are the ones I have been using since the age of 15. I have delivered 3 children pain free with no pain killers due to my increased bioelectricity. I have awoken and lain my khundalini dormant as well for reasons I choose not to disclose. I will be reawakening my khundalini within the next year once I am able to maintain after retrograde.



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