Sankofa Writing Contest: The Lie Dad/Mum Made Me Believe As A Kid.

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Growing up in a country like nigeria, one of the things that would give you regular headache aside the numerous problems we have is the heat. Back then when air conditioners were for the most elite and generators where very expensive, when the heat comes we have to rely on the power supply that wasn't reliable at all. And when you have to travel long distances to fetch water you can't take a shower everyone and then.

But nature in its own ways gives a form of relief once a while, once a while nature tends to lend a helping hand in the forming of a great phenomenon called rain.


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So when the rain comes, and there are some times it rain almost every night we get a form of relief from the usual heat that torments our sleep.

Firstly my mum told me that there is an angel in charge of the rain, she said rain comes from an tap in heaven which the angel opens and closes at wI'll. So when there is a storm and our neighbors roof gets blown off, then it means the angel was angry with them, probably because they did something bad. Or when there was a flood then the angel slept off angel left the tap open.

Now the must scary part of the rain is when it's about to stop, and as kids we play with the droplets coming from the roof in bits. Mum would chase us away from it and tell us if the thunder strikes the moment the rain touches our hand, then our hands become stiff and we become a leper. Lol, now I know better, but it always make me laugh I once believed those.

Thanks @sakofa, I was able to bring back some memories


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