Sand hero update 3 january 2019

in sandhero •  21 days ago

Hello Steemit friends so here is the update of my game "sand hero" , last week I was launching my game hastily and luckily my player inform me about all the bug and error they encounter and so below is all the fixed I have done

3 Jan 2019

- update map to show location of monster level 1 so new comer will know to fight monster level1

2 Jan 2019 6:30pm

- now marketplace item have wider space so its look not too tight together

- minor fix on text and description

2 Jan 2019 2:20pm

-now error message will tell you if CPU limit not enough

2 Jan 2019 10:17am

- Add 10 more type1 monster and 10 more type2 monster into the game

- Now minimum sell price for mat and item is 0.001 EOS

1 Jan 2019 12:34pm

- Now all item in item inventory and market have item score and item level

1 Jan 2019 10:40am

- Now player can see item score for their hero and also other people hero

31 December 2018 9:27am

- Fix player cannot see hero2 or hero3 fight

- Fix player sink into the floor sometimes

- Fix player duplicate himself sometimes

- Fix monster duplicate themself sometimes

31 December 2018 8:39am

- Now player cannot passthrough monster like passthough ghost

- All player will be push away by monster

31 December 2018 1:30am

- New found material now have color code

- fix wrong information about "minimum level requirement to equip"

- fix buy 5 pet

- fix player can only choose from 5 pet to equip, now can choose from 10 pet to equip

30 December 2018 5:33 PM

- I put rebirth button on middle of the screen so it wont spam you anymore

30 December 2018 8:24 AM

- Now you can see color code and level for item for your hero

- Now you can see color code and level for item for other player when you visit them

- Now you can see color code and level for your pet

30 December 2018 7:00 AM

- Fixed error message so now its shorter

- Monster health bar look smaller now and not blocking view

Top player gq2tkmjtgyge have manage to reach level 11 with more than 2400 damage for all 3 of his hero within one week

My games finally listed on dapp radar and now ranking 58 with 40 player

I am now researching how to put it on mobile phone but seem like it is not as easy as it look because it need to work with third party EOS wallet such as wallet or token pocket wallet which they have their own SDK which I find very hard to integrate with


thanks for reading

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