A sand figure - Bugs Bunny

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Hi there,

Do you remember this animation?

It's may be the most popular in my country some years ago.
This figure is well done, isn't it?


Look another interesting sand figures on my blog @freetime.


Tek diyebileceğim.Keşke benimde böyle yeteneğim olsaydı.:D

Followed u bro may u help this [email protected] in upvote resteem.😀

Este tren si que se ve bien impata como se puede hacer algo asombro con solo arena y agua genial 👍

This is a very great and sculpture

lol how they do that awesome job for who make it , nice pic btw

A lot of good posts, I like it a lot, want a better post like this, and one thing, if you're with me I'll always be with you,

Kereta api dari tanah? Luar biasa,good [email protected]

It is my favorit guys 👍👍👍👍
Bravo brother 😊🙏

Mantap karyanya ni

wow! it's good

If it is animation, shouldn't it move?

와우 환상적이네요

Hi, I'll follow you, hope you follow me

Wow this looks so cute! I followed you and would appreciate some upvotes on my page :)

Awesome image, great work.

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Follow back. :)

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