Life time is far more expensive

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Life time is far more expensive

Life time is far more expensive. This is the eternal truth. There are many people who have lost their lives for some time in the Alps. The accident is more than a shared road accident. Such incidents happen every day in every country. To save some time to save the Alps, you have to be reckless driving cars. Many people lose their lives in this reckless driving. An accident is a family life in which there is a cry. Maybe that person is all about a family.

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Again you will not be harmed if you walk carefully when the Alps spoiled some time. But if you have to spend some time in the Alp, then think about how much the value of life is.

But people do not understand it. They want to compete. This competition can be very good for survival. You see, the main reason for road accidents is driving the competition. At that time, they do not have the knowledge of their husbands to compete. And there is no such road to compete in our country. Still, in this Normal Road competition. Many people have to lose to this competition.

If we get out of the road, I wonder if I can return home completely. Many people come out from the house. But can not return home. Human life is very faded.

If we value our lives. Then take the importance of our lives without taking the time to focus. Your caution will keep you healthy and well.

We all have to give importance to this issue. Do not let the fastest car on the road. If we all worked together then we could be successful in this work. 

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You wrote a very beautiful thing ... this is a very important post. You just said life time is a lot more expensive.
The price of life is much higher than the time. While saving the time, the accusator is dead, so many things have happened. So do not hesitate to work without hurry. Thank you very much for writing so much information.

Dear chuadanga sir!
Life is beautiful but it is depend on your wisdom character behaviour as well as your thinking.
If there is no aim in life then life becomes a burden.
In this life we have to do something good for ourselves as well as for others otherwise the path of Glory leads but towards grave.


Your words are very good. You are very expensive to talk about . thank you so much


It's my pleasure sir ji.

Mrs chuadanga this is very serious topic but people are busy in his life this is bad. 😢😥😰


Your welcome

Amar vai @chuadanaga apnake dhonnobad bole coto korbo na apnar protita blog ami read kore kicu na kicu obossoy sikhte pari,ami apnar akjon blind mad, akso with you sweet bro @chuadanga


thank you

Yes .. !!! Your statement is justified. Very well understood. Everyone must understand this important word. Who should be aware of all, the value of life more than time

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You have a great message in your words.