Gun Control? Safer Schools? Are we willing to pay the price?

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Gun Control? Safer Schools? Are we willing to pay the price?

Here's an old fashioned method that worked years ago. The people in the picture are a social group called "a family" complete with a mother and a father and with children.

They are pictured here in a social activity that was known as "going to church together".

Family going to church together.jpg

Here they learned about "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not kill" and other old fashioned ideas. And what they learned at church reinforced what they learned at home.

This was back years ago when people still believed in God, went to church together, prayed together and ate together.

Family dinner wasn't just something you watched on "Blue Bloods" on TV. Back then most breakfast and supper meals were families sitting down together.

This was back when people got married and had kids.

This was before birth control and abortion.

Speaking of abortions - how come there is so much attention given to the few kids who are tragically shot and killed each year at school, and so little attention is given to the thousands and thousands* of kids who are killed each year before they are old enough to go to a nursery?

* Source - The real-time abortion counter

Times have changed and there is no easy way to turn back the clock. Besides who wants to go back to those old ways. The new ways are so much more exciting than the olden days -

back when Families went to church together and kept the Sabbath Day Holy.

God, who needs Him? We're getting along just fine without Him - aren't we?

Gun Control? Safer Schools? We are not willing to pay the price!

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great post, watertoncafe as usual!


thanks @five34a4b for the comment and your upvote is always welcome too

Excellent post. Short, concise, to the point, and very well written.

I can hardly believe that now the US is talking about arming teachers, too. Can you imagine having had your teacher, a few decades ago, packing a pistol while scratching arithmetic on the chalkboard or monitoring the playground?

Sometimes it seems as if the world has truly gone insane – in many ways.


so tragic.

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You are paying the price! This is the price, and you're seeing unfold in front of your eyes in real time. Thou shalt not steal: taxation is theft, the government steals. Thou shalt not kill: wars are organized murder, the government commits murder on a regular basis. That means the word of man (coming from a government official, politician) trumps the word of god, which many in the military do believe in, or so they say.

Gun control: this means you (people who are for gun control) aren't against guns, just who has them. That means you want the government, which commits murder, using the money they steal from you, to control the guns you have, or to take them away (by force) from you or others? Schools are government backed indoctrination camps which teach obedience to authority and the chain of command. Education is not the top priority! The violent culture in America should be addressed first and foremost, which it is made up of many layers of violence, but the government leads the way, which is extremely violent, and does NOT represent the people like many people claim. Don't look to a violent group for a solution to violence, because that is the only thing they are good at.


Thanks for the lengthy words @tgheretic - you read more into this than what was intended. you assumed I am for gun control - I am for a return to the old fashioned go-to-church-on-Sundays family values. without those values no laws or gun controls will change the underlying problems.

and thanks for the upvote, I like to return the favor, oh but wait you didn't upvote - well thanks anyway for taking the time to comment. this post got lots of views and lots of upvotes but you are the only one who took the time to comment so far.


When I said you, I was referring to anyone who thinks gun control is a good idea, not you specifically, so sorry if you read it that way. I understand your returning to the go-to-church, family values angle as well. Unfortunately, that won't solve the pressing issues at hand either. You could get everyone to go to church, and prey to god all you want, but if they turn around and are made to abide by laws, which are written by corrupted humans, which use violence on a daily basis like every government around the world does, then no major change will happen. The U.S. is a violent kakistocracy that uses violence on a daily basis worldwide, and domestically, and does not adhere to thou shalt not steal, nor thou shalt not kill. I just see some individuals randomly mimicking what their leaders advocate. When you're a hammer, every problem is a nail! Therefore I would have to respectfully disagree that going to church regularly will improve the aforementioned issues, which lead to the outcomes that people in the U.S. experience regularly. It just might make people feel better for an hour or two. Then again, that's just my opinion.


sadly @tgheretic, your opinion is an accurate reflection of reality. back when people were families and went to church they elected politicians with similar values who introduced laws that reflected those values.

now people worship in sports stadiums and shopping malls on the Sabbath, don't marry, don't have children (or worse kill their unborn) and elect politicians who reflect those values.

yes, sadly, from a reality point of view, this reminds me of Jerusalem around 600 b.c. reject God - check, disregard His Sabbath - check, sacrifice children - check. Just saying that did not work out well for Israel - and - as they say 'the hand writing is on the wall'

coming full circle - and so we have a problem with a few kids killing a few kids with guns in school and a lot more adults killing a lot more babies and very few people who are married with kids and go to church on Sunday.

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