WUU2K 2018 - video

in running •  6 months ago

Here's a video of my race over the weekend.

While things didn't go to plan (at all) I'm still happy with the result.

Now all I have to do is rest and heal for a bit and then start training for the next big adventure. I'm not sure where that will be yet, but I've already found some interesting races to do, so you just never know where I'll end up.

Enjoy the video, I'm sure you will enjoy watching it more than I enjoyed making it ;-) (Well, I enjoyed bits of it)

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You are my hero man... at least you enjoyed of a lovely beautiful day...nt windy ;-)


hehehe I'm an idiot you mean ;-)

Yeah it was just a lovely day to run - perfect weather for it, so no complaints there.

As I said to the Race Director this morning, as soon as I can walk again I'll start training for next year.

I WANT that 9 hour finish! hehehe


We runners are all a little bit crazy but better being like this than degrade on a sofa having fastfood...
Keep on running master!

*Don't listen to your mind: open your heart and run for sensations.

Resteemed by @runningproject

Thats pretty impressive Trevor, especially after Wellington Marathon a couple of weeks before. Have a good recovery.
Regards @run.vince.run