Salamon race vest hack

in running •  7 months ago

Towards the end of my last ultra marathon I need to stop and dig out my torch. This proved to be much harder than I should have been, partly because my brain was not in tip-top condition, and partly because my fingers had lost most of their dexterity, and largely because the attachment system on the vest sucks after about 8 hours of running.

It has this nifty hook and loop thing that is super lightweight, and in theory, easy to use. But once your fingers get cold, and your brain is shutting down, it just becomes really hard to get it on and off.

I had to stop moving and focus solely on trying to get the little hooks through the loops because I couldn’t do both things at once. This was really frustrating, as it was a hassle I just didn’t need at the end of a long, hard, painful day.

So I came up with a new attachment system for it that works wonders.

Watch the video to find out how I made this work to that even if I’m wearing thick gloves, I can get the vest on and off with ease at any stage of the race.

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Good thinking that man, for sure you need the gear to work for you rather than against you

I guess the magnets add a little weight, but it's all compromise. I like to see people hacking stuff to make it better.


The thing is, yes they add weight, but to someone who is right at the back of the pack (or in my case running to catch up to the back of the pack) the extra weight means nothing.

But the ease and comfort using them brings more than makes up for it. I can now take the vest off, grab what i need out of the back of it and out is back on without stopping, and without having to look down and try to get the hooky things working.

So any time I might loose across the whole race is made up for by not having to stop and spend time trying to get the hooks to talk to the loops and agree that they should get together.

I've got some more hacky stuff to do videos on and given that the weather has turned to shite again, it might be a good time to do them, instead of running hehe


Ditto @steevc
When doing ultra running all the hacks are pro tips like this is needed!

It was a great idea and the post was really stunning. I like it and want to read more posts from you.I wish your regular steemit success..